WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Episode 2, “The Shutdown.”Star Trek: Picard Season 3’s second episode, “Off,” ends with a shocking revelation and the return of an old friend as things begin to look dire for the crew of the USS Titan-A. In a previous episode of The Next Generation, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Captain William Ricker (Jonathan Frakes) were able to track down Dr. Beverly Cruiser (Gates McFadden) after Picard sent a distress call from the SS . Eleos. By hitching a ride on the Titan, Riker’s old command, Picard finds an injured Beverly and Beverly’s son, Jack Cruiser (Ed Speleers), in a stasis pod.


After escaping from the damaged Eleos with the help of the Titan’s timely intervention, he comes face to face with Picard and his friends. Captain Vadik (Amanda Plummer), commander of the Shrike, a menacing ship loaded with advanced weaponry that hunts Crushers for unknown reasons. Picard and Titan commander Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick) are faced with an ultimatum – hand over Jack Crusher or face catastrophic consequences. Meanwhile, Commander Raffi Musiker’s (Michelle Heard) mission on M’talas Prime nearly ends in disaster until he is rescued. Star Trek sign.

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Beverly confirmed that Jack Crusher is Picard’s son – whatever that means

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“The Eraser” confirms what many have assumed – Jack Crusher is Picard’s son. Jean-Luc spends most of the episode dancing around Jack’s parentage issue, much to Riker’s chagrin. While interrogating Jack in the Titan Brigade, Picard comes close to admitting the truth; However, it is not known what Jack knows, other than that he feels bad about growing up without a father. But now Picard sees the look in Beverly Crusher’s eyes after waking up from his injuries, it confirms the truth for him. It’s world-class acting from Patrick Stewart, who wordlessly conveys so much emotion in just a few seconds.

Even before confirming that Jack was his son, Picard was against handing Jack over to Vadich. Jack’s past is complicated, which makes Captain Shaw inclined to hand him over because he doesn’t want to risk the safety of the Titan crew. For the show, Jack is a petty criminal who tricks Picard and Riker into rescuing him. This makes some sense from Shaw’s point of view, but it still gives off a sense of cowardice. Always A beacon of Starfleet idealism, Picard Jack demands that he be given a fair trial by the Federation for his crimes and not be handed over to a malicious hunter like Vadik.

Worf is Raffy’s handler and what the Klingon wants to call him

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After being drugged by Ferengi Sneed (Aaron Stanford) in a covert operation, Raffi is rescued by his mysterious handler, who turns out to be the Klingon warrior Worf (Michael Dorn). Worf brutally dispatched Sneed’s men and even decapitated the hesitant Ferengi himself with a quick swipe of his very cool new sword. Worf was understandably angry about the situation, as he told Raffi not to contact Sneed because he knew his plan would fail. That said, the situation could have been handled more easily if Worf had run less with Raffy earlier.

The the often troubled Raffy was in a dark place when she confronts Sneed, who is forced to choose important information over the chance to reconcile with her estranged son during a heated reunion with her ex-husband Jay. A man who was once a bit of a slacker on the USS Enterprise-D and Deep Space Nine himself, perhaps Worf can help Raffi not only complete his mission, but reset his shattered personal life. It’s not immediately clear why Worf is currently working as an undercover operative for Starfleet Intelligence, but he turns out to be a valuable ally for Raffi in various ways.

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What Vadik could want with Jack Crusher

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It was revealed that while Jack Cruiser was assisting his mother in providing medical care to worlds outside of Federation protection, he often used less than noble tactics in this mission. Jack bribed one group in particular Fenris Rangers, former allies of Seven of Nine (Jerry Ryan)., with Romulan Ale and weapons, he could help cure the planet of the pandemic. Crusher is no stranger to lies, theft, and violence, and the bounty on his head is probably legit. Picard is outraged by Jack’s behavior, although the young man claims to have learned all this from Beverley, much to Jean-Luc’s surprise.

While Jack’s transgressions aren’t really in question, Vadik’s attempts to win him back suggest there’s something else going on. The Shrike seems too powerful for a simple bounty hunter ship, and Vadik is unclear as to why he’s targeting Jack. Vadik appears to be more or less human himself, although he encounters some very strange people, surrounded by creepy companions in cloaks and masks. It’s not clear what else Vadik might want from Jack, but it’s threatening Like the Federation starship Titan-A the lone liar shows that he is after more than a boon.

Picard chooses to run, but can the titan escape the scream?

Picard is the father of Jack Crusher

After Picard executes Shaw’s order to hand Jack over to Vadich, he announces to the Titan bridge crew that Jack is his son. A reluctant Captain Shaw agrees not to overturn it and tries to escape the Shrike. After firing torpedoes at the Shrike, the Titan disappears into the Ryton System Nebula. Weird weirdo Vadik orders Shrike to follow them as the episode ends.

As stated at the beginning Star Trek: Picard Part 2, the Shrike has an impressive array of conventional weaponry, as well as some sort of mysterious device that the Titan crew can’t immediately identify. The mystery weapon may be a version of the portal weapon that destroyed the Starfleet recruitment center on M’talas Prime. The story of Worf and Raffy With what’s happening on Titan. Star Trek: Picard set the scene for the chase, and the characters seem firmly armed at this point.

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