There are 104 days of summer vacation and Disney has come and extended it. During the TCA 2023 tour earlier this year, Disney announced he brings back his favorite cartoon series Phineas and Ferb ending with a total of 40 new episodes for two additional seasons. At that time, the creator of the series Dan Povenmire was the only alum confirmed return. However, his creative partner Jeff “swamp” march officially rejoined the team. Marsh will serve as executive producer and sound director for the revival.

Inspired by Povenmire’s childhood, Phineas and Ferb its main characters follow step-siblings who spend their summer vacation in creative, silly and elaborate projects, including building a rollercoaster, traveling to the future, planning the best anniversary for their parents and more things. Each time they try, sister Candace makes it her mission to catch the boys. In addition, the series offered storylines that chronicled the long-running feud between other characters, among others Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry the platypus. He also became famous for his many catchy tunes. The show originally ran for four seasons from 2007-2012. In addition to the main series, he received several special episodes and two films the last one release 2020.


Voices Behind Phineas and Ferb

Series stars Vincent Martella and Thomas Brodie Sangster with as Phineas and Ferb respectively Ashley Tisdale Candace takes on the role. Caroline Rhea The voices of Phineas’ mother Linda Flynn-Fletcher and Richard O’Brien Ferb’s father is voiced by Lawrence Fletcher. Other voice actors include Povenmire as Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Marsh as Major Francis Monogram, Dee Bradley Baker As Perry the Platypus, Alyson Stoner like Isabella Maulik Pancholi As Baljeet and Bobby Gaylor Like Buford and others.

Phineas and Ferb

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About the return of the march, Meredith RobertsDisney Branded Television’s executive vice president of television animation said in a statement:

“Swampy is one of animation’s brightest minds, and among his many passions is connecting and collaborating with creative people, whether it’s writing, animation design, directing, music, or acting. He’s constantly pushing their artistry, as well as his own, to the next level.” will raise. tell bigger and more interesting stories for a global audience. We are excited to continue our partnership and look forward to a long and exciting road ahead.”

There is currently no projected release window revitalization, but it’s currently set to debut on Disney+. All previous episodes, specials and movies are now available on the streamer.