Phantom Blade Zero comes as a nice surprise during the latter PlayStation Storefrontwhich not only boasts visually crisp graphics and smooth swordplay, but also draws inspiration from many famous martial arts icons.

According to Soulframe Liang, the founder of S-game (Phantom Blade development studio), the game is based on the wuxia stories of the famous writer Louis Cha. The influence of cha is considered on steam with such esteemed Western authors as Tolkien, J.G.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, and is credited with shaping the diverse themes, characters and narrative conventions we know today.

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However, Phantom Blade Zero intends to have its own take on Chinese wuxia with its so-called “kung fu punk” style, featuring steampunk machines, occult art, and other misfits that don’t fit any stereotype. As a result, there will be a wide variety of weapons and artifacts that players can use to customize and develop their characters, according to Liang.

In addition to Cha, the game is inspired by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, the famous MMA choreographer Donnie Yen from the famous TV series John Wick: Chapter 4 and Ip Man, as well as the talented Michelle Yeoh, known for her roles in the films Everything Everywhere. All together and the lurking Tiger, the Dragon.

Professional stuntman and director Kenji Tanigaki, known for his outstanding work on the adaptations of the Blade of Immortal manga series and the RurĂ´ni Kenshin films, will take the lead in directing and choreographing the action for Phantom Blade Zero.

Liang mentions that all the impressive actions shown in the trailer were first physically demonstrated by Tanigaki, then carefully scanned and recreated for the game. Thanks to Tanigaki’s involvement, the studio is confident that the action in this game will have an authenticity that avoids the perception of pointless “button-pushing.”

The studio’s experience with previous mobile games such as Rainblood and Phantom Blade (released only in China) and creating intuitive touch controls for them will also help reduce the feeling of pressing buttons and allow players to make calculated and complex movements.

In addition to Phantom Blade: Zero, S-Game will also be bringing the free-to-play ARPG Phantom Blade: Executioners to Steam soon. Phantom Blade Zero is billed as a spiritual revival of the original Rainblood experience, the studio’s first game, and according to Liang, this upcoming Phantom Blade Zero game is the game the studio always wanted to make.

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