<p>Brooks Koepka one shot ahead as he enters the final lap at Oak Hill</p>
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Brooks Koepka takes a one-shot lead as he enters the final lap at Oak Hill


Brooks Koepka LIV golfer takes a one-shot lead to final round as he targets third USA PGA Championship Championship in Oak Hill. The American player became the star player to reach six-gold in a round of -4, 66 in the wet tournament played in Rochester, New York on Saturday.

On a hard day to score Victor Hovland and Corey Conners showed the consistency needed to win a major with both players recording even rounds to keep them near the top of the leaderboard. Just one shot ahead before the final round, they will lead the chase pack that includes the USA. Bryson DeChambeau (-3) and England Justin Rose (-2).

world number two Scottie Scheffler He’s added to the mix after seeing him slide down to two after a bumpy day, but will need to regain his form from the previous two rounds if he wants to fight on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy He remains in contention for a third US PGA, but he beat Koepka by five points yesterday with a score of under 69-1. The Northern Irishman will play alongside club pro Michael Block, after the 46-year-old Californian fired his third straight round of 70 to stay level.

Follow the Oak Hill leaderboard and the latest updates below:


Keynotes for Conners and DeChambeau

Conners -5 (1), DeChambeau -3 (1)

A minor criticism of Conners yesterday was that he wasn’t offensive to the bat, but he does this by running profusely and nearly catching a piece of the hole. DeChambeau misreads a good look at the birdie, but touches for equal.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:36


Leader Koepka off and running

Koepka (-6), Hovland (-5)

The leader arrives at the tee – a few more cheers to greet him but still a boob. The turf finds its way, but Hovland has work to do because his driver comes out of the right lawn.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:34


McIlroy falls right back

McIlroy -1 (2), Block +1 (2)

Oh, Rory. In the second, the grass is in the middle of the road and an effortless mistake made towards the bump on the right. He’s doing his best but the comeback is a long shot…and it passes quickly.

The slender bird in one is immediately returned, and it returns to one gold. Block keeps par at one over par.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:31


Conners and DeChambeau on the way

Conners (-5), DeChambeau (-3)

The penultimate couple finds the grass field with their tee shots and takes the field.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:30


Three in a row for Perez

Not content with just two birdies in the top three, the French do three in the top four and are now below -2.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:26


Rose made an early move

Rose -3 (1), Scheffler -2 (1)

Anything Rory can do, Justin can do. A spectacular second shot to the first sets a bird on the first for the Englishman. Consider Scheffler, who hits a good 16 feet and does everything but get in while circling the hole. It’s a tough break, but a symptom of ongoing troubles for world number two.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:25


Straka is back

The big-hit Austrian prepares for a nice round and returns to level with an eighth-row bird spinning off the side of the hole before falling.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:19


Bird for McIlroy

McIlroy -2 (1), Block +1 (1)

Rory makes no mistake and escapes with a bird. Block gives a good run with a par-save attempt, but he has too much speed and misses on the right. An early shot for the club pro.

Back on the Tee, Justin Rose and Scottie Scheffler begin to find the turf.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:13


Glorious by McIlroy

Blok is having trouble behind the grassy bunker. He hacks but hits an impressive iron to give himself a chance to save the average. McIlroy makes the most of his excellent ride and crashes into the approach stone and dies. This must be a kicking bird to start its lap perfectly.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:11


Back-to-back birds for Perez and Kitayama

Perez -1 (3), Kitayama -1 (5)

Both of these players had good years, winning on the DP World Tour and PGA Tour respectively. Both are now in the top ten with two birdies early in their tour. It feels like there’s a score to be played out there right now.

Ben Fleming21 May 2023 19:09