As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work that goes into making these big-budget Marvel movies, and there are a lot of different ways the stories can play out. When discussing Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniadirector Peyton Reed said he discussed “multiple” endings for the film.

When asked if a dark ending in which Kang wins and Ant-Man is defeated will be considered, the director said. Podcast in Total Film: “We talked about a lot of endings like you do with these movies.”

In a cut from the released film, the entire Ant Family flees the Quantum Realm after being defeated. Jonathan Majors“Kang is the invader. Reed talked about the film being an ensemble piece and some of the debate over who lives and who dies:

“Ensemble production is always discussed in a movie: Who makes it? Who doesn’t? All of that. Because it’s the third movie, we’ve come to a conclusion. Then the family has to live to see another day. Kang is another story”.

Reed previously explained why Ant-Man was the best choice to meet Kang in Quantumania, saying:

“When you bring Kang, one of Marvel’s great villains, into the movies, we’re excited about who will be the first Avengers to go up against him? We like the idea that Scott and Hope are the most unlikely. The Avengers will go up against him.

“On paper, it’s an incredibly lopsided matchup. There was a lot of tension in it from the beginning. I was like, ‘So, how can this work?’ How is this a challenge in any matter? What kind of story will it be? We like the challenge and the mystery of it.”

What do you think of the Ant-Man and Kang dynamic in the film? Are there any other ways you’d like to see the movie end?