Disney’s 100th anniversary will be celebrated in 2023. However, in terms of their films, a classic animated adventure Peter Pan this year is also celebrating its 70th anniversary. Now, in celebration of both Disney and the boy who never grew up, Funkoadding a new one Peter Pan Pops! to their Disney 100 line.

Funko Pops! Includes Peter Pan with flute, Captain Hook, Wendy Flying in the Air, Tinker Bell in the Mirror, Tinker Bell Trapped plush figure and Mermaid. It’s the Pops! do a great job capturing the vibrant color scheme of the original animated film. Also during Pops! all look the same, the expressiveness of the character designs is alive and well with these figures. However, the crowning glory of this new collection is the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell movie poster! This piece recreates the iconic hand-drawn movie poster featuring Peter and Tink flying high in the air against a tree-filled backdrop. Both characters are Poplar! Tink is a cute mini figure. Tink also has the nice added detail of a trail of pixie dust that follows her, and the treetop looks like a 3D model. Like all previous Pop! Movie posters, this premium figure comes in a protective case and can be mounted on a wall. Peter Pan will now be added Dumbo and Lady and Tramp As the Disney films in this art collection.


Peter PanLegacy Lives On

While Disney was well established in the 1950s, it was during this decade that the studio’s classic magic was fully formed. Nowhere is this more evident Peter Pan. Based on the novel Peter Pan and Wendy by JM Barry, this animated adaptation had it all. Action, adventure, fantasy, wide-eyed wonder and mature themes will bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Everyone is afraid of growing up, and the character of Peter Pan perfectly reflects that terrible terror. When you add amazing animation and timeless music, Peter Pan is a high-end Disney movie. And so characters like Tinker Bell become one of the company’s biggest moneymakers, with several spin-off shows and movies that have entertained children around the world for decades. Direct-to-DVD 2002 sequel Return to Neverland Also one of the best adventures of the Disney era.

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Last month, Disney celebrated the series’ 70th anniversary with the release of a live-action remake Peter Pan and Wendy on Disney+. Like its 2002 sequel, it quickly became one of the best films of Disney’s current remake era. Director David Lowry It brought back the fairy magic with a visually stunning adaptation that expanded Peter and Hook’s relationship in some compelling way. It was so good that it’s a wonder why Disney didn’t release the movie in theaters. Especially since Lowery’s last Disney remake Pete’s Dragon was not only a theatrical but also a critical darling.

Relive the magic on Disney+

Original animation Peter Pan, Return to Neverlandand Peter Pan and Wendy all streaming now Disney+. You can pre-order these new Peter Pan Disney 100 Funko Pops! enabled Entertainment Earth website now. While you wait for your new magic pops! you can watch the trailers to come Peter Pan down.