To hatch a huge safari cat in Pet Sim X, players can participate in a scavenger hunt that takes place 30 minutes after a new update is released. During the event, your goal is to find three hidden eggs scattered throughout the map. Don’t forget that the egg can only be opened once per player. In this guide, we will share all three with you Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt Egg and help you find Pet Sim X Hidden eggs.

Pet Simulator X Scavenger Egg Hunt Locations

Pet Simulator X Scavenger Egg Hunt, Hidden Eggs – Kawaii Update

Pet Sim X Scavenger Egg Hunt, places to find hidden eggs

As you already know, once the Scavenger Hunt event starts, your goal is to find three eggs as quickly as possible. Their location is well hidden throughout the map. After the latest Kawaii update, the event will send you to three new locations and allow you to hatch a Safari Cat. In the list below you can find out where to look for eggs.

  • The first egg is hidden deep within the world of the Axolotl. Go to the Axolotl Ocean and then click on the Axolotl Deep Ocean teleporter. Once you open, you’ll see an egg against the wall to the right.
  • You will have to visit Doodle World to get the second egg. Use the Doodle Shop teleporter. Just go straight to the huge chest. You will see an egg on the right near the wall. This egg currently has a glitch.
  • The latter is located in the Cat world. Select the Cat Paradise teleporter and go to the bank.