Here’s a look at what character Perry Mattfeld played on Shameless, and what other shows and movies he’s appeared in since his role on the Showtime series.

Before he left Shameless, Perry Mattfeld played Mel – the jealous girlfriend of Jessica Szohr’s Nessa. Although she only appeared in seven episodes of the Showtime series, she made a mark on the show’s fans. She was part of an LGBTQ+ couple with Nessa, Fiona Gallagher’s tenant, in the eighth season of the series. Then he created a lot of problems with his antagonistic attitude towards Fiona. His stay was short, but Perry Mattfeld was very memorable Shameless because he made Mel a satisfying character to hate.

Perry Mattfeld was a relatively new face on television when he joined the cast Shameless Along with the likes of Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy et al. He graduated from the USC School of Dramatic Arts in 2016, but got his first major role a few years ago when he appeared in a film. Wizards of Waverly Place As FrankenGirl. However, it was Shameless It was her first major role and helped her land her first lead role a year after leaving the Showtime series, which in part made her performance a bit of a surprise. Here’s what happened to Mel and what Perry Metfeld did next.

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What happened to Mel in Shameless?

Perry Metfeld as Mel in Shameless.

Perry Mattfeld’s Melie has arrived Shameless season 8. The ever resourceful Fiona Gallagher took on many odd jobs Shameless to provide for his family – from serving at a motel to working as part of a toxic waste cleanup crew. In the show’s eighth season, he became a homeowner by buying and flipping a defunct washing machine before the season, which gave him enough capital to buy an apartment building. Emmy Rossum’s Fiona has many problems in her new life, such as being evicted from a struggling single mother for not paying the rent, and almost being sued by an invading family.

However, he found an ally in the form of his new tenant, Nessa Chabon Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr. The pair bonded over their love of wine coolers and sarcastic humor and became fast friends. The same cannot be said for Mel Shameless, Nessa’s jealous live-in girlfriend. Illustrated by Nessa”blonde and blonde“, Mel heads Fiona when she lies to a potential tenant about the building being infested with bugs. In later episodes of season 8, it is revealed that Nessa and Mel are expecting a child, and when the couple is forced to move out . Fiona sold the building in season 9.

What Perry Mattfeld did after the scandal

Emmy Rossum and Perry Mettfeld

Perry Mattfeld appeared in only seven episodes as Mel Shameless, but his career has gone from strength to strength ever since. After the time has passed Shameless came to an end, Mattfeld had a bit part in an episode of Amazon’s psychological thriller Return home and soon after landed a two-episode stand as a character named Pam on the podcast series Carrier.

His biggest post is –Shameless The role came with a starring role in The CW drama series In the dark in it she played the role of Murphy Mason – a twenty-year-old blind woman who sets out to solve her friend’s killer. Ex Shameless reprized the role of a cast member In the dark the main character of the play Fourth and final season on The CW in 2022.

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Perry Mattfeld’s next role was somewhat controversial

Perry Mattfeld

Perry Mattfeld is most notable for his role as “Mel”. Shameless was in the dark but his tenure as Murphy was highly controversial. Metfeld’s character Murphy is a lonely 20-year-old blind woman dealing with the ruins of her life. Although the show isn’t based on his blindness – despite the title’s obvious but awkward and problematic allusion In the dark – The fact that Mattfeld was not blind caused serious controversy.

Mark Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind, said:Blind actors are looking for work, and no blind actor, no matter how skilled or talented, can bring the same insight and authenticity to a blind character..” (via The New York Times). Nevertheless, the show went on In the dark lasted four seasons. I hope it’s the former Shameless The next actress Perry Mattfeld is not so controversial, because despite the problematic casting, she gave an excellent performance in the role.

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