Pep Guardiola He insisted on Manchester City’s latest decision. Premier League title success should not be humiliated by suggestions Arsenal ‘bottled’ in the match.

Still, the City boss acknowledged that his team had to keep going to win. Champions League to be counted among the greats.

City have been confirmed as champions of England for the fifth time in six years and for the third consecutive season after Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

The Gunners led City by eight points last month, but their form left them at a crucial stage.

Guardiola, however, paid tribute to his former assistant Mikel Arteta’s team after City celebrated their 1-0 win against Chelsea on Sunday.

“There’s a tendency to be condescending. They’re winners,” Guardiola said.

“We pushed Arsenal but they are extraordinary. They should be proud of where they came from. They have to keep it up, that’s the truth but for me they are the winners.

They should be proud of where they come from. They have to keep it up, that’s the truth but for me they are the winners.

Pep Guardiola at Arsenal

“They made me think a lot about what I had to do to beat them, and they did it to us. It helped us a lot with our relentlessness, the feeling that we didn’t have to give up and that we had to win, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible.

“With my relationship with Mikel – congrats on what they’ve done. It brought them back to where Arsenal were in the past.

“Similar to Liverpool in previous seasons, they took us to our limits.”

City hope the Premier League will prove the first leg of an amazing trio with the FA Cup and Champions League finals next month.

“We feel we have done something extraordinary in terms of the Premier League, but we have to win the Champions League to be recognized as one of the best in Europe,” said Guardiola, who won the European Cup twice as Barcelona manager. .

“Otherwise people will say our time here is not complete.”

City have currently won 12 Premier League games in a row, but Guardiola denied that this would make their last title win any more special than any other.

Of course we need to win the Champions League to be considered one of the best in Europe.

Pep Guardiola

“I wouldn’t say it’s more important. The Premier Leagues have been very tight so this one isn’t any more special than the others. Everyone.”

Chelsea’s interim manager Frank LampardThe side that was defeated by Julian Alvarez’s early kick believes their team can learn a lot from the champions.

The Stamford Bridge side’s season has been a huge disappointment, finishing in the top 10, but Lampard acknowledges that a huge amount has to change for them to get closer to their opponents.

“Man City hasn’t won three in a row by running at half-intensity. It’s a lot of work to get to this level where you lift the trophies,” he said.

“It’s everyone’s personal responsibility, ‘If I want to be like (Erling) Haaland and (Kevin) De Bruyne, I have to put in the work of those kids’.

“It’s in their hands. I can’t say how long it will take, it depends on the players, the direction of the club. A lot of things have to adapt to get where Manchester City are.

“There’s obvious talent in the team, young talent, maybe instability and instability and maybe those are club issues.”