Part 2 You Season 4 has officially arrived on Netflix and has brought a series of twists and turns to keep viewers on their toes. The final episodes begin after Joe (Penn Badgley) Rees (Ed Speelers) is an “eat the rich” killer. So Jo sets out to prove it and put an end to Rhys once and for all. Unfortunately for Joe, Rhys has been very difficult to bring down thanks to one of the biggest revelations of the season.

As Part 7, “A Good Man, A Cruel World” came to an end, with the audience and Joe Rhys discovering that Joe’s alter ego had been the whole time. Although Rhys is a real person, he and Joe never met until his death. Like the women in past seasons, Jo develops an unhealthy obsession with Rhys that reaches boiling point. Although Joe’s sanity was almost gone by this point, Badgley enjoyed the dynamic between Rhys and Joe. When talking to The Hollywood Reporterhe described the approach as “refreshing” and noted how it permeated Joe’s thinking:


“(F)or Joe’s kind of love relationship with a man — an attachment relationship, a real friendship — is really refreshing. We got that in season two with Forty , and it was iconic because of that — and also because James Scully is a great actor and it was a great character. I prefer to do it that way because what he hasn’t been able to do with his other friend is get into his psychosis by doing that. I think I had the most fun playing Joe, even he can talk more. If Rhys is the embodiment of his thoughts, then he doesn’t think much. You should talk rather than think.”

Image via Netflix

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As viewers will see throughout Episode 2, Rhys is the driving force behind Joe’s actions, whether Joe himself admits it or not. When Speleers spoke to Collider’s Maggie Lovett Regarding Rhys, he also noted the importance of exploring the character’s mindset and how Rhys brings out the darker parts of Joe:

“I don’t know if it will end up like that, but you’ve tried to develop it as much as you can. They’re making a decision because they think it’s the best thing to do… I like that she’s making very broad, bold, bold suggestions. She’s doing it to show her side of Joe. Joe probably wanted to push. And I love it. He’s the devil on the shoulder, isn’t he?

Full You Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. Watch the episode 2 trailer below: