It seems that being in front of the camera is not enough Penn Badgley last season Youbecause the actor took the opportunity to direct one episode Netflixs compulsive serial killer. Badgley has portrayed Joe Goldberg since the show premiered in 2018, where he was introduced as a dangerous stalker who does whatever it takes to be a part of his victims’ lives. As the seasons progressed, Goldberg showed a desire to change for the better; unfortunately, his killer instincts were always a part of who he was and drove the plot of the series.

A notable sequence in the Badgley-directed episode occurs in the second episode of season 4, episode 9, when Joe has a nightmare in which he is taunted by figures from his past. These insecurities and regrets are manifested in the form of Beck (Elizabeth Lyle) and love (Victoria Pedretti). Throughout the scene, the women from Joe’s past tease him about the truth behind his redemption arc, claiming that no matter how hard he tries, he will always be a cold-blooded killer. Given Joe’s relationship with Beck and Love and their deaths at his hands, it makes sense that they serve as a twisted reflection of his mind.


Although the scene plays out in a feature film, Gossip Girl the actor leads the clip along with the thought process behind the sequence. As his favorite shot from his work in the episode, Joe chooses a moment to reach for a key and go into another room. When Joe realizes that he is no longer where he thought he was, he has no time to process what just happened as he comes face to face with Love. Badgley admits too excessive demand The fans are concerned about Pedretti’s return, which they finally received in the form of a particularly aggressive dream sequence.

Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti, is sitting in a chair and Johning
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What is the fourth season You About?

Latest payment Joe’s storyline sees him settle in London after the events of last season, when he faked his own death and left the United States to live with Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). However, trouble is always around the corner when it comes to the show’s protagonist, and he surprisingly gets involved in a London murder mystery. The process of finding the killer forces Joe to reflect on the mistakes he has made in his life and his refusal to acknowledge his violent nature.

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