Series creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman, who co-created the game franchise, talk about adapting the game to live action.

The end of us Over the last month and a half, it has redefined television with some tear-jerkingly brilliant episodes. The most recent example of this was the adaptation of Stay behind Storyline between Ellie and Riley last weekend. There were endless reasons why the series was so successful. Whether it’s complex emotionally heavy writing/themes or gritty horror, The end of us has been must-see TV. Another reason may be due to the sheer amount of talent. Co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmanalso the co-creator of the game franchise, he did the seemingly impossible by finding the perfect Joel and Ellie. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay. Now in a Creator to Creator panel discussion, four artists reflect on their time creating Season 1 of the horror series.

An immersive experience

A 10-minute discussion led by the head of PlayStation Productions Asad Kyzilbash, was spent comparing the differences between creating a video game and creating a live-action series. It started with Druckman talking about his experience directing Episode 2, his live-action debut. There’s a lot of control on the video game side when you create the world after the performances are recorded, but as a series director, Druckmann described what it’s like to hold your breath when it comes to action. Weather and outdoor conditions are nothing to worry about in this game, but when you’re telling a great story. The end of us you can’t escape it in this tool. This basically meant that Pascal froze a lot on set, which both the actor and Mazin joked about.

While the series has done a lot of great CGI effects, it’s the show’s incredible practical effects that have led to talk. The end of us. They’re in full costume on post-apocalypse-like streets and neighborhoods, and conversational behind-the-scenes footage adds to the compelling nature of the show. This helped to fully immerse the audience in this world, but also helped Pascal and Ramsey understand their characters. It’s also fun to see Druckmann talk about being in the world he’s created. You can tell how much passion and love he has for this world and the fans that make this series possible. The true nature of everything has been a big topic when someone brought up the series, and this conversation highlights it even more. Our last‘ great achievements. So far, every scene and shot feels like a game. Whether it’s one-on-one visuals or in the spirit of the original, the show is just as captivating as the game.

The Last of Us video game with Joel and Ellie in the car
Image via Naughty Dog

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More importantly, however, this discussion demonstrates the excellent attitude of Mazin, Druckmann, Pascal, and Ramsey. You can tell how much this group loves each other because the round table is full of jokes, and Druckman and Mazin poke fun at Pascal every chance they get. It’s a heartwarming treat for any fan.

Where will The Last of Us go next?

In this week’s upcoming episode, Ellie continues to care for Joel after his fatal injury at the end of episode 6. Joel is still on the road to recovery, and Ellie is looking for food for them in the harsh winter. This is when Ellie meets David and his team, who seem nice at first, but as any fan of the game knows, this is one of Ellie’s darkest moments in the first game. No spoilers here, but just get your tissues ready because this is going to be another emotional episode. The episode will also feature the original voice of Joel, Troy BakerDavid plays one of the members of the community.

Part 8 Our last The penultimate episode of When We Are In Need Season 1 airs Sundays at 9:00 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max. While we wait, you can watch the full roundtable below. Part 2 of this spoiler-filled discussion will be released soon.