After years of secrecy and at least one police raid in troubled times for developer Starbreeze, a new Payday game is almost here. According to Starbreeze, Payday 3 is coming soon, but for now the studio is keeping information about the game more secure than a lost mouse in a Fort Knox gold vault. While we’re not quite ready to don a fancy suit, clown mask, and pull off the informational heist of the century, we can take a look at everything we know about the game and how it’s developing.

Release date

Payday 3 is currently slated for release in 2023, 10 years after Payday 2 first launched.

Trouble (and comeback) in Starbreeze

The game has been in development for years and experienced a tumultuous period at Starbreeze as the Stockholm studio was on the verge of bankruptcy after The Walking Dead by Overkill arose both financially and critically disastrous game and allegations of insider trading led to a police raidalthough former CFO Sebastian Alskog was acquitted of these charges. After a period of reconstruction that gave it a chance to pay off its debts and become profitable again…thank you very much to Payday 2–Starbreeze was in much healthier financial shape.

In March 2021, Starbreeze signed a $54 million publishing deal with Koch Media to help fund Payday 3’s development, publishing, and post-launch support plans.


Payday 3 will launch on a large number of systems, including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Starbreeze says the game is same on PC and consolesthanks to creation on the Unreal Engine.

When will more Payday 3 news be revealed?

A recent — and extremely short — teaser trailer confirmed the Payday 3 gameplay reveal coming this summer and that’s it. There’s no exact date, no mention of a live platform, or even a glimpse of Geoff Keighley standing in the corner with a contract at Summer Games Fest. Just a shadowy figure telling you it’s time for a new job. Starbreeze boss Tobias Sjögren also said in an interview how he feels pressure for delivery with a sequel, especially considering the franchise has reached millions of people over the years.

Payday 3 storyline

As part of the franchise’s 10th anniversary in 2021, game director Eric Vonnewy shared a few details about plot for Payday 3. The threequel is a soft reboot of the series that takes place a few years after Payday 2. Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and the Wolf are back in action and this time they will be carrying out a heist in a version of New York and also deals with cryptocurrency, mass surveillance and dark web topics.

Payday 3 gameplay

The gameplay for Payday 3 is yet to be revealed, but if it’s anything like the previous games, expect this sequel to develop the heist format made popular by its predecessors. A team-based first-person shooter where you stage a heist, Payday 3 will likely continue the theme of executing your plan perfectly and adapting your tactics when things inevitably go wrong.

Catching up on payday

If you’re new to the series and want to get to know it better, you can check out the four-part documentary series released for Payday’s 10th anniversary. You can watch each episode for free on YouTube at the links below.

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