Actor Paul Walter Hauser has won over Hollywood, choosing projects to highlight his outstanding acting skills I’m Tonya, BlackKkKlansman, Richard Jewell, Da 5 bloods, Cobra Kaiand a Golden Globe Award-winning performance in the intense limited drama series Black bird. He’s had his fair share of moves in the industry, and he has some ideas about who he wants to play with, but they don’t come without complications.

In an interview in 2021 The Hollywood ReporterHouser explained that he likes to act as a comedian and actor Chris Farley in a biopic about his life, and he has a great idea for the story, but he believes the window to make the film is closing.

“I wanted to do a Chris Farley movie where he’s in rehab for half of the movie and doing his job for the other half. SNL things and his films. I think I understand this story pretty well, but I’m trying to lose weight and redefine myself as a person and actor with the ability to make healthy choices. So are the days of Fatty Arbuckle, Chris Farley, or Ignatius J. Reilly A confederacy of dunces the film’s time window is very small and it’s getting smaller every week.”

That was almost two years ago, and I think since Houser has been in so many movies and series since this interview, he couldn’t contractually change his appearance. So it seems like the window is still open. However, Farley died at age 33, and Hauser will be 37 this year. He looks very young, but he can keep it up for a few more years.

I would love to see it. I think Paul Walter Hauser is a great actor and he will continue to do incredible projects. Currently working on it Doug Leeman– directorial film Instigatorsthen there will be a star with him Hong Chau, Matt Damonand Casey Affleck.