As part of today’s announcement demo, Paradox unveiled Life By You, a new game from former Sims head and Second Life Linden Labs CEO Rod Humble.

Not much has been said about Life By You aside from a short teaser trailer, but it’s being developed by Paradox Tectonic, a studio Humble introduced back in 2019.

At Paradox Tectonic’s launch, Humble said the studio would focus on creating “open, fun, beautiful games that respect players’ intelligence and encourage their creativity, freedom, emotion, and sharing,” and now we’ve got our first look – however brief – something the team has been working on ever since.

Life By You teaser trailer.

First impressions, based on Paradox’s teaser trailer, look a lot like The Sims, with glimpses of little digital people chatting in their homes, driving around a seemingly open city, and sunbathing on the beach. There’s even a look at some construction tools.

However, that’s pretty much all we’re getting for now, and Paradox is set to share more information about Life By You later this month on Monday, March 20.