I love Overdungeon, a maximalist combination of Tower Defense and a real-time collectible card game, and I sang it three years ago. Its developers, Pocketpair, haven’t updated it since then, instead pouring their work into an equally expansive “worldwide game” Craftopia and look like Pokemon (but with weapons) Palworld.

Now, Pocketpair have released a content update for Overdungeon and say that the previous radio silence was due to them being “a bit tired and not honoring our publisher contract”.


“Well, here’s a quick explanation of why Overdungeon was put on hold,” it begins explanatory post on Steam. “Since its release, we’ve been working frantically to release patches every day to make our beloved game a finished product. We signed a contract with a publisher so that more players could enjoy our game, but it didn’t work out well, contrary to our expectations, and we needed to figure out what to do.

“At some point we gave up on the Overdungeon update. We couldn’t make a living doing it. Instead, we decided to start developing Craftopia. It was really painful for us to start developing Craftopia while Overdungeon was still buggy. we’ve always wanted to update the game, but after working hard, we got a little tired and didn’t fulfill our contract with the publisher to get the update.

“Now that Pocketpair has all the rights to Overdungeon again, we’ve gotten a little bigger as an organization. So we’re finally ready to resume the Overdungeon update! Overdungeon is a challenging game with rough edges, a bit of a strange game balance, and full of our souls and passions!”

Pocketpair is based in Japan, and I find the combination of non-standard English and the frank admission that Overdungeon has “bumps” and a “slightly weird game balance” utterly charming.

You can find a full changelog for version 1.2.0 of Overdungeon on Steam. It includes a new character named Kunoichi with his own set of cards and quest, as well as quality of life updates and bug fixes. Overdungeon is now 50% off.also.