Concept art from the original Avatar reveals an early design for Jake Sully’s Na’vi look, which was modeled after lead actor Sam Worthington.

Concept art from the original by James Cameron Avatar reveals an early appearance of Sam Worthington as a sort of Jake Sully. released in 2009, Avatar becoming the highest grossing film of all time. The film follows Sully, a marine who joins forces with an alien race known as the Navi to fight against a force of human invaders. Avatar At the time, it was known for its impressive visual effects and world-building, including the appearance of the Na’vi, the natives of Pandora.

Now, the artist Joseph C. Pepe On Instagram a part Avatar concept artUsing Worthington’s face as a base, revealed an earlier iteration of Jake’s Na’vi appearance.

Pepe explains in his caption that the design depicted came about after Cameron rejected several stages of Jake’s concept, and that the look will still be refined as the film progresses. The post features a carousel of images, including images showing an actual sculpture from Jake’s N’avi design.

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What’s next for Jake Sully in the Avatar franchise?

Avatar Jake Hurt

A full breed, after giving up his human body at the end of the first film, Avatar: The Waterway Jake finds himself hiding in the ocean regions of Pandora, trying to protect his family from human invaders. In the sequel, the hero adamantly declares that he is done running and that he will stay and fight Metkayina to protect his new home. With Avatar 3 already taken and two additional sequels in various stages of development, Jake’s journey in the Cameron franchise is just beginning.

Avatar 3 will apparently continue Jake’s fight against Quaritch and the RDA, but Cameron has already confirmed that the upcoming sequel will introduce a new clan of Na’vi into the mix. A new volcano-based clan of Na’vi, the Ash People, will serve as secondary antagonists, with the director confirming that this new group will complicate the “good Na’vi” versus “bad guys” dichotomy of the first two films. With the addition of more friendly people, Jake will have new allies and new enemies. Avatar 3.

In another big change from the first two films, Avatar 3 does not feature Jake as the narrator. His son Loak (Brittany Dalton) serves as the narrator in the new film, and each of the subsequent chapters will also have a new narrator to reflect the changing perspective of the story. Some of his family members are starting to play bigger roles Avatar The story is that Jake will still be an integral part of Cameron’s franchise moving forward.

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Source: Joseph C. Pepe

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