Collider can only open the trailer Once upon a time in Ukrainebrother Filthy serfsan upcoming action comedy inspired by Quentin Tarantino. Mixing alternate history, ultra-violence and good humour, Once upon a time in Ukraine After becoming a cult classic in Europe, it is finally crossing the ocean.

The trailer teases the odd concept Once upon a time in UkraineImagine what would happen if he was a famous poet Taras Shevchenko (played Roman Lutsky) would have crossed paths with a samurai in the 19th century. Story Akayo (Sergey Strelnikov), a young samurai who travels to the Ukraine to seek revenge after a slaver claims he misappropriated his master’s swords. Therefore, he decides to join forces with Taras, who wants to free his lover from the clutches of that villain.


The film’s original title pays homage to Tarantino Cruel Basterdsand a US title nod Once upon a time in Hollywoodthe trailer highlights what a writer and director Roman Perfilyev taken from other films by the fan-favorite Hollywood director. The use of sword fighting as a narrative device is clearly inspired by Perfilyev Kill Bill. Meanwhile, Taras and Akayo’s western buddy trip plays out similarly Django Unchained. Once upon a time in Ukraineof the trailer not only reflects Tarantino’s style, but the film promises to be an original story filled with good laughs and modern violence.

Once in Ukraine
Image via Samuel Goldwyn Films

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Only through the trailer, Once upon a time in Ukraine looks like an explosion. It’s also good to have access to Ukrainian productions that celebrate art as a means of making us laugh, especially since the country has been suffering so much for over a year. Perfilyev’s film is not only inspired by Tarantino’s Hollywood style, but also a great gateway to learning more about Ukrainian cinema. Once upon a time in Ukraine It was very well received in Europe. After its world premiere in 2020, Perfilyev took his film to numerous film festivals, collecting awards and nominations along the way.

When Once upon a time in Ukraine Will you come to the theaters?

Once upon a time in Ukraine stars too Katerina Sliusar, Gene Seto, Yakov Tkachenko, Andrey Malynovich, Andrey Borisand Lee Berlinskaya.

Once upon a time in Ukraine It will be released in theaters on April 14. You can watch the exclusive trailer and synopsis of the film below.

A Ukrainian serf named Taras teams up with samurai Akayo to avenge Akayo’s master and free his beloved Maria from her slave master.