We all knew it was almost morphine time when Netflix announced it was doing it Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the meeting is special. However, now, the streamer has revealed how long we have to wait before we can finally witness this nostalgic adventure on our screens. The a meeting Set to bring back some of the original cast members from the hit 90s kids series to face a new threat from an old enemy.

Power Rangers: Once and Always It arrives on Netflix a month later, on April 19th. If you’re a fan, that means you’ve got four weeks to marathon the early seasons of the show to remember every detail of the time you watched it. Power Rangers In the early 90s. But we’re sure you remember the gist of it well: these five men regularly teamed up to protect Angel Grove. foreign threats. For this, they have become colorful warriors who control special weapons and giant robots to fight against their enemies.


For whom it returns Power Rangers Meeting?

The meeting celebrates a special holiday 30th anniversary about the premiere of the series. Returning cast members David Yost As Billy (Blue Ranger). Walter Jones As Zack (Black Ranger). Karan Ashley As Aisha (yellow guard). Catherine Sutherland As Kat (Pink Ranger) and Johnny Yong Bosch As Adam (Green Ranger) as well Richard Horvitz Like Alpha 5 and Barbara Hudson as the classic villain Rita Repulsa. It’s unclear if the special will include a reference or tribute to the fan favorite Jason David FrankDied in 2022.

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Power Rangers: Once and Always written by Alvin Dale and Becca Barnesboth of them have a lot of experience in this field franchise: The duo wrote all the episodes Power Rangers: Ninja Steel, Power Rangers: Monstersand Power Rangers: Dino Fury – the most recent three seasons and spin-offs from the original series. Once and always will be in two parts specialand Netflix has yet to reveal the full length of the experiment.

history of Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers originally premiered in 1993 and became popular Japanese super sentai (types of shows featuring a group of superheroes) events for the rest of the world. The original series mixed Japanese footage with scenes shot in the US, but kids barely noticed. The show was incredibly successful, which is why it’s still on the air. Three films inspired by the series have been brought to theaters most recently in 2017 and starring Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banksand Bill Hader.

Netflix premieres Power Rangers: Once and Always on April 19. You can watch the behind-the-scenes footage below: