Sutton backup goalie Wayne Shaw He resigned from the club after eating a pie in the bunker during their FA Cup defeat. Arsenal This day in 2017.

It broke out in 2022 after a bookie offered odds for Shaw to eat the pie and then coach Paul Doswell soon confirmed Shaw’s departure.

The then-45-year-old was shown on TV taking a bite of pie during their game against the Gunners after Sutton’s defeat. Leeds in the previous round

After the incident, Shaw admitted that he was aware that a bookie had bet on him to be seen biting the snack.

The following September, Shaw was fined £375 and banned for two months. Football Federation For violating betting rules after both the FA and the Gambling Commission conducted their investigations.

The company that owns the bookmaker was later fined £84,000 by the Gambling Commission for offering 8 to 1 odds.

Doswell confirmed that both investigative bodies had contacted Sutton and admitted that Shaw made a “very real mistake” after he came into the limelight of the media in the genesis of the conflict.

The Vanarama National League side lost the match 2-0 to Lucas Perez and Theo Walcott for the Gunners in a crowded Gander Green Lane.