About one of the truest pleasures Olivia Colman That is, under the steely gaze of Queen Elizabeth II Netflix’s runaway success, Crown, you’ll find a very goofy and light-hearted person with the ability to break your heart, terrify you, and light up a room when you’re on screen. Having a star with such depth and grandeur join the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like a real coup for the comic book franchise.

Still, it sounds like Coleman is more than happy to be a part of Marvel’s ever-expanding universe. she plays Sonya Felswortha senior MI6 agent, effectively the British equivalent Samuel L. JacksonNick Furyand one of the most exciting future prospects A sneak attack is considered seeing the two together on screen.


The opportunity to work with Jackson was the deciding factor in accepting the job and even Queen may star strike. For his part, Coleman is eager to join him MCU over the years – although speaking to Empire Magazine to promote the series, he was a little disappointed that he didn’t encounter any gamma rays or radioactive spiders as part of the gig.

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You didn’t realize you needed Dynamic Duo

“Fury and Sonya are old friends, although I think her office is cooler. I mean, she’s in space! I used to work with Sam and I loved her! The loudest person you’ll ever meet. Cheerful, funny, mischievous . He said he thought. My trainers were ‘dope’. They wouldn’t take them off for a year. I’d ask if I could get bitten by something or if I was going to get caught in something. They didn’t have anything.”

Jackson was the same way I am happy to work with a famous British actress. Although she carries with her many acting awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Queen Anne. lovely, and a Primetime Emmy Award crown, Jackson has been a fan since his wife got hitched to him ITV’s brilliant crime drama Broadchurchstarred in it with him David Tennant.

“I thought, ‘How lucky can I be to know that today is the day I’m going to act with Olivia Colman?’ Jackson said. – The next thing you know, we’re sitting there pretending to be two long-term partners seeing each other for the first time in years, and you’re a lot we had fun.

A sneak attack currently scheduled premiere June 21 on Disney+ and will include six episodes. Watch the trailer for the upcoming series below: