Million developers around the world are now using the NVIDIA Jetson platform for peripheral AI and robotics to create innovative technologies. In addition, more than 6,000 companies — a third of which are startups — have integrated the platform with their products.

These and other important events will be celebrated during the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Developer Days at GTCa global conference on the era of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, which will take place online March 20-23.

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One in a million

Atlanta-based Chris Kersey is the creator of the popular YouTube channel Kersey Fabricationsis one of the one-in-a-million developers using the NVIDIA Jetson platform for their technological innovations.

He created a fully functional Iron Man helmet that could be taken straight out of the Marvel Comics movies. He uses NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX The 8GB dev kit is the backbone of the Arc Reactor, enabling its transparent display—a transparent display that displays information wherever the user looks.

In just over two years, Kersey built a wearable helmet from scratch, complete with object detection sensors and other on-screen sensors that would make Tony Stark proud.

“Developing the software was more than half of the work on the project, and that’s the funnest and most exciting part for me,” Kersey said. “The software takes all the discrete hardware components and turns them into a great system.”

To begin, Kersey turned to GitHub where did he find”Hello AI World”, a guide to deploying deep learning inference networks and deep vision primitives with NVIDIA TensorRT software suite and NVIDIA Jetson. He then wrote shellcode to connect his own project.

Watch Kersey document his Iron Man project from start to finish:


This 3D-printed helmet is just the beginning for Kersey, who plans to build a full Iron Man suit later this year. He plans to make all of the project’s code open source, so anyone who dreams of becoming a superhero can try it out for themselves.

Jetson Edge AI Developer Days at GTC

Developers like Kersey can register for free Jetson Edge AI Developer Days at GTC featuring NVIDIA experts to talk about the latest Jetson hardware, software and partners. Sessions include:

  • Take the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and robotics to the next level with the NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform
  • Edge AI acceleration with NVIDIA Jetson software
  • Get the most out of your Jetson Orin with NVIDIA Nsight developer tools
  • Get your products to market faster with the NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem
  • Create complex architecture on NVIDIA Isaac ROS

In addition, there will be a Contact the experts on Tuesday, March 21 at 12:00 PM PT, a Jetson Platform session featuring an in-depth Q&A with embedded platform engineers from NVIDIA. This interactive session offers a unique opportunity to meet in a group or individually with the ideas behind NVIDIA products and get your questions answered. The number of seats is limited and works on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional sessions by category

GTC sessions will also cover robotics, intelligent video analytics and smart spaces. Below are some of the best sessions in these categories.


Computer Vision and AI Video Analytics:

Smart cities and spaces:

Check out the latest Jetson Community Projects for ideas that can be replicated or inspired.

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