One player Marvel’s Spider-Man discovered a major flaw in billionaire and sometime villain Norman Osborn’s bathroom during a recent playthrough, sharing a clip of the hilarious oversight online. Many fans of Insomniac Games have been eagerly awaiting the first attempt at a game in the superhero genre Sony’s May PlayStation Showcase where it is likely that new information about the future Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be revealed.


Released in 2018 for PlayStation 4 by Sony to critical acclaim. Marvel’s Spider-Man considered by many players to be one of the best superhero games ever. Thanks to the original story of how Spider-Man tries to thwart the plans of the mysterious Mr. Negative to spread the virus to the people of New York. Marvel’s Spider-Man was praised for its narrative, fast-paced combat, and innovative web-traversal mechanics that made exploring the game’s open world an immersive experience. Having already raised the bar for superhero titles with the release of the first game on PlayStation consoles and PC, the sequel’s story director recently revealed that the studio wants Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 become Insomniac’s best game yet.

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In a new video posted on r/SpidermanPS4, one Redditor pointed out one important item that is clearly missing from the mayor of New York and Oscorp CEO Norman OsborneOtherwise, a luxurious bathroom. Redditor JurassicGuy5000’s video, which first noticed this only on the third playthrough of the game, shows them exploring a colossal bathroom before realizing there’s no toilet. Although the bathroom has a luxurious bathtub and a million dollar view, it seems that the wealthy industrialist forgot to include what is probably the most important accessory in the room.

The short clip of Osbourne’s unusual bathroom skip became a hit with fans Marvel’s Spider-Man on Reddit, where several responses offer creative explanations for the missing toilet. One commenter stated that Osborne uses the window instead when nature calls, leading another to joke that they “can see Norman doing it lol”. Another Reddit user joked that billionaires don’t have time for bathroom breaks, saying: “This is a grandset you won’t understand.” Making a rather unsanitary implication, one post declared: β€œIt’s right there in the middle. Stairs lead to it.” A decidedly less scatological response offered a more practical explanation for the lack of traditional plumbing, suggesting that it was a personal spa and treatment room rather than a traditional bathroom.

Given the vast resources at his disposal, it seems unlikely that a billionaire like Norman Osborn would forget to include such an important plumbing fixture. It’s much more likely that Insomniac Games decided to eschew a bit of realism in an attempt to avoid unintentionally injecting comedy into an otherwise tense mission. But perhaps some enterprising player will eventually take it upon himself to return Osborne his missing toilet with a cheeky mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered.

Marvel’s Spider-Man now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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