Apple TV+ thriller Sharper isn’t what it seems, but the unlikeable cast of characters makes for a more fun ride for everyone involved.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sharper. Apple TV+ original movie More precisely follows a group of crooks who are mostly disliked, but prove to be a good thing. More precisely It received mostly positive reviews, with critics and audiences praising the performances of Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan. On the other hand, some were more critical of how unlikeable the main characters were. While it is important to have a figure that the audience can relate to, More precisely It’s a unique type of thriller where the non-linear storytelling transcends the usual cat-and-mouse chase.

More precisely is divided into five segments and each follows the main character. At the beginning of sharper, the screen reveals the definition of “sharper” as a noun: “one who lives with their mind.” More precisely introduces several characters that follow this description, namely Sebastian Stan is playing against his MCU image as a sociopathic fraud. The supporting cast includes Justice Smith, Julianne Moore and newcomer Briana Middleton, all of whom play their part in this excellent thriller, and none of them are likable in the traditional sense.

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Sharper’s characters are beyond purpose

Julianne Moore in Sharper

since More precisely uses non-linear storytelling, the audience does not get all the information in advance. Each character provides a large piece of the puzzle, showing that not everyone is what they seem. For example, Julianne Moore’s Madeline is first introduced as the sympathetic mother of Max, who is marrying John Lithgow’s Richard. Moore uses his talents to make the audience sympathize with him Sebastian Stan makes the villain Max terrifying things. Soon after, Madeleine is seen kissing Max and they are seen cheating on billionaire Richard. If these characters More precisely was righteous and pleasant, he effectively removes the fake-out.

More precisely forces its audience to deceive, which in turn creates a sense of insecurity. Sharper’s the ending amplifies this by taking Justice Smith’s sweet Tom and turning him into a horror con artist. Until then, Tom remains a hero More precisely who looks the most innocent. Once again, the twist succeeds because Tom is an unlikeable character. In addition to having a bad attitude, Tom is willing to steal from his father to help a girl he barely knows.

How sharper’s unlikable characters make for a more compelling watch

Sebastian Stan and Briana Middleton in a hotter movie
Sebastian Stan and Briana Middleton in Sharper.

More preciselyIf the characters are traditionally presented as likable characters, the reveal of his character will not be significant. in a.d More precisely In an interview, Julianne Moore explains the character work successful 2023 thriller film attracted him to the project. Moore talks about how he likes movies.the drama is driven by what these people do and say to each other, not by any outward actions.” The engaging character work not only makes for great performances from Moore and the supporting cast, but also makes it more engaging for the viewer.

Apple TV+ original More precisely is a rare example of a smaller thriller that fails to reinvent the wheel but still offers something original. Some might argue that character parts should make for likable characters, but that doesn’t always add up to an interesting drama. Although More precisely may not be for everyone due to its many edgy characters, this is an attractive watch for those willing to travel.

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