Hello Games has released a Fractal update for No one’s sky.

The Fractal update introduces a new starship, the Utopia Speeder, which allows you to travel across planetary surfaces at high speeds.

Fully immerse yourself in the infinite universe with No Man’s Sky 4.1 update, Fractal.

It also comes with a new Utopia Expedition where you will need to work together to restore an abandoned solar system for the Utopia Foundation. It features a new expedition-exclusive crafting mechanic that requires you to think about exploring, building, and surviving.

Other expedition rewards include a Fearsome Visor helmet, a robot drone companion, and more.

There’s also a new tool called the Catalog of Wonders that showcases your discoveries and gives you new goals for exploring and documenting the universe.

With the update, the options menu has been redesigned, introducing new accessibility features and giving you more control over how you play and experience the game. The update includes more changes and improvements to the quality of life in the game.>

Update 4.1 also fully supports PlayStation VR2.

You can view the full patch notes here through the official website.