Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Not sure how to get more Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Or what are they used for? You have come to the right place! Disney’s Animal Crossing-like adventure quickly won the hearts and minds of gamers around the world. There’s something magical about exploring all the familiar realms we’ve come to love over the decades. However, before you can explore them, you will need to unlock them. And it all starts with Nightshards. In our guide, we explain how to get more Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where to find them, and how to use them.

How to get Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In terms of lore, Night Shards are the evil counterpart to Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are part of the corruption of Oblivion. And just like Dream Shards, they’re just as hard to find. Once you start playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll soon find out that these shards are pretty hard to find. However, once you understand where to look for them and how to get them, things become much easier. So, how do you get Night Shards?

To get the Night Shards, you need to have and use one of the Royal Tools – the Royal Shovel.. The Royal Shovel can be found in the square, on the opposite side of the square from your house, to the left of Chez Remy’s kitchen. Once you have the Royal Shovel, you will use it to dig sparkling mounds in the ground. And that’s where you’ll find the Night Shards in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.. In fact, this is currently the only way to get them in the game. We told you that they are extremely rare, didn’t we?

Finally, with regards to your bonus digger character, at the moment we can’t confirm that his bonus will work with these shards as well. This should work, but players are reporting that they don’t get extra shards from digging even if they bring their bonus digging companion with them.

How to use the Disney Dreamlight Valley Night Shards

There are currently only two ways to use these shards. You will either use them for complete various quests this will require bringing XY number of night shards. Or will you craft Purified Night Shards of them, which are also required to complete some quests, but are also used to create more dream shards. It is one of the main materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley, used to complete quests and create Dreamlights. Dreamlight is an in-game currency that gives you access to different worlds and biomes. With that said, this is everything you need to know about Night Shards in Dreamlight Valley.

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