Welcome to next week on Xbox! In this weekly feature, we talk about all the games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Game Pass! Learn more about these upcoming games below and click on their profiles for more information (release dates are subject to change). Let’s jump!

Cracked the InvestiGator Art box

Broke the investigator – February 28

An innovative adventure game with Beat ’em Up and RPG elements. How Brock, a private investigator and ex-boxer who lives with his dead wife’s son, has never been able to explain her horrific accident. But now, recent events may shed light on an even more tragic outcome… one that may have something to do with their own existence.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Box Art

Destiny 2: Lightfall – February 28
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Find strength in your fellow Guardians as the end approaches – The Witness is here. Travel to Neptune and discover a neon metropolis unlike any you’ve explored Fate 2. Meet the Cloud Striders, join the fight against the Shadow Legion and prevent devastation in the technologically advanced secret city of Neomun. Pre-order to instantly unlock a new exotic ghost and legendary emblem.

Fernbus Simulator Box Art

Fernbus simulator – February 28 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Experience the world of tourist buses on the highways and country roads of Europe in over 100 cities and over 50,000 km of recreated routes. Ride the MAN Lion’s Coach bus, accurately reproduced in cooperation with FlixBus, safely and on time at bus stations in Europe. Overcome challenges such as roadworks, traffic jams and accidents to stay on schedule, register passengers and sell tickets.

Scars above the field of Art

Scars above – February 28
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

A colossal and mysterious alien structure appears in Earth’s orbit and stuns the whole world; humanity calls it the Metahedron. A team of scientists and engineers is sent to investigate, but things don’t go as planned and the team is transported through space to a mysterious extrasolar planet. As Dr. Kate Ward, you set out to find your team and unravel the mystery of what happened in this challenging sci-fi third-person shooter adventure.

Bendy and the Dark Revival Box Art

Bendy and the Dark Revival – March 1st

A first-person survival horror and an expected sequel Bendy and the Ink Machine. Play as Audrey as she explores the depths of an amazingly creepy animation studio gone completely mad. Fight ink-stained enemies, solve puzzles, and avoid the ever-hidden ink demon as you find your way back to the real world.

Box LEAP Art

JUMP – March 1
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

A fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter with epic scale battles with players armed to the teeth. Fight for either the United Earth Defense Coalition (UEDC) or the Exo-Terran Rebels. The highest bidder wins your trigger and an overkill arsenal.

Iris and the Giant Box Art

Iris and the giant – March 2

A combination of a collectible card game with RPG and roguelike elements. As Iris, who must bravely face her fears in her imaginary world, you will explore the heartwarming story of a young woman who confronts her inner demons and calms the raging giant within. Build your deck with each encounter, unlock new cards and earn points to increase Iris’ power.

Jurassic period pinball box Art

Jurassic pinball – March 2
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

The fight for survival has begun! Battle carnosaurs, triceratops, and the king of dinosaurs, the T-Rex, as you fight your way through numerous dangers and uncover tons of secrets in this exciting pinball video game.

Box of Monsters Meg Art

Monster Meg – March 2

A short, story based JRPG with a big twist. Players control Roy, who starts the game with 99,999 HP and is practically untouchable, but the real concern is keeping Meg safe, because if she starts crying, it’s game over for everyone. Players will have to master the unique mechanics and mini-games that are part of each battle, protecting Meg and using her favorite toys to keep her calm.

Railway Islands Box Art

Railway islands – March 2

A minimalistic and relaxing experience with a unique look. You manage a railway line responsible for delivering resources to the inhabitants of the islands, the inhabitants of a group of distant islands. You have to create a safe way and deliver all the resources to the small towns on the islands.

Vanaris Tactics Box Art

Vanaris tactics – March 2

A short narrative tactical RPG that tells the story of refugees fleeing an occupied homeland. As the leader of a group of refugees seeking freedom beyond the walls of Vanaris, unite your people and use tactical skill to escape from your oppressors.

Alterity Experience Box Art

Experience Otherness – March 3

A first-person adventure game set in present-day Lucie County, California, a region known for its mysterious phenomena. As farmer Anton Cornwell, your ranch falls victim to strange and unexplained phenomena. Now you’re under attack from all sides, you’ll need to fend off any incursions to survive the night.

Escape First 3 Box Art

Escape first 3 – March 3

You and your friends are having a reunion party. Wanting to rekindle the good old days, you decide to visit your old school, which has since been abandoned. At first it’s all fun and games reminiscing, but there’s one event you’ve all decided to forget and you’ll have to face it now.

Gunman Tales Box Art

Gunman Tales – March 3 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

You are a bounty hunter in the Wild West who aims to find a legendary lost treasure. Along the way, you will have to defeat many robbers and save their gold and useful items to increase your abilities and survive the dangers. But there’s a lot more to the game than just the lone ranger. You can also play against four cowboy parders in fantastic co-op action.

Smile Alchemist Art casket

The alchemist of smiles – March 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

An alchemist simulator with fun elements of character development, collecting and alchemy! The events take place in Polta-Kolta, a city where people and animals live together, young Nike becomes a student and trains hard with a famous alchemist. His goal is to become the best alchemist in the world, but he is troubled by a question that causes serious concern…

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Box Art

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – March 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere / Game Pass

Available on day one with Game Pass, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the dramatic, action-packed story of a nameless militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy version of the Late Han Dynasty, where demons are infesting the Three Kingdoms. Players fend off deadly creatures and enemy soldiers using swordplay based on Chinese martial arts, trying to overcome adversity by awakening the true strength from within. You can play in the cloud, console and PC.