I often think about Infected planet, a nearly 10-year-old top-down tactical shooter about holding off hordes of alien creatures with turrets and careful expansion. I thought about this again while watching Lumencraft’s trailer, which seems to combine all of the above with a fully destructible world and many other assets. It will come out of Early Access on February 28th.

Here is the release date trailer:


Lumencraft has been in early access since April of last year, receiving 579 reviews and a “very positive” rating. on Steam at the time of writing, which bodes well. However, version 1.0 will introduce major new features, including a story mode and “meta-progression”. Story mode features 27 missions and a hub where you upgrade skills and technology to take on each new challenge.

If you don’t want to wait a week to try it out in 1.0, you can join the early access beta branch to mess with it right away. This post explains how.

I enjoy building bases, towers, mining and swarms of insects. The only thing I don’t like about Lumencraft’s trailers and screenshots is its art, which uses high-res textures and colored lighting and looks like a random collage with every element vying for your attention equally. Art without direction.

Mind you, it’s not enough to keep me from wanting to punch holes in crystal walls and alien shells in a week.