Hailing from the sunny streets of Los Angeles, new Valorant Agent Gekko is an initiator similar to FPS gameSkye’s resident environmentalist, but instead of totem animals, he uses small slimy creatures known as “buddies” to break through enemy ranks and wreak havoc.

Dance on Valiant character to the beats of up-and-coming rapper Erikdoa, Gekko stands out from the crowd with his neon green hair, plaid brown pants, and most of all, his tetrad of adorable little creatures.

Dizzy, Mosh, Thrash and Wingman all have their own unique abilities and play a key role in the Gekko pack. Story writer Joe Killeen emphasizes that the so-called buddies are “characters in their own right,” and senior game director John Goscicki says that their very existence made developing Gekko a challenge, “trying to create four super different creatures that you fall in love with.” , although keeping them within certain game limits is… difficult.”

Either way, Riot hit their mark with Gekko, as his floating friends are simply adorable. They vaguely remind me of everything Slime Rancher 2 slimeand unless the devs decide to make them into plushies, I’ll Riot (haha, funny pun).

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Valorant Gekko Abilities

As I mentioned above, Gekko’s adorable little creatures go with different parts of his kit. Here are all of Gekko’s abilities in Valorant:

  • Dizzy (E) – Equip Dizzy. Shoot to send Dizzy soaring forward through the air. The stun charges then launch plasma blasts at enemies within line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded. When Dizzy dies, she turns into a sleeping orb. Interact to return the globule and get another Dizzy charge after a short cooldown.
  • Presenter (Q) – Arm the Wingman. Shoot to send the Wingman forward, looking for enemies. The leader fires a concussive shot at the first enemy he sees. Alternate fire when you target a Spike area or plant a Spike for Wingman to neutralize or plant a Spike. To plant, Gekko must have a Spike in his inventory. When Wingman is finished, he returns to a sleeping orb. Interact to retrieve the globule and get another Wingman charge after a short recovery.
  • Mosh Pit (C) – Equip Mosh. Fire to throw Mosh like a grenade. Alternate fire to throw from below. After landing, Mosh is duplicated over a large area and then explodes after a short delay.
  • Thrash (X) – Equip Thrash. Shoot to connect with Thresh’s mind and guide her through enemy territory. Activate to dash forward and explode, delaying any enemies in a small radius. When Tersh runs out, she turns into a sleeping orb. Interact to return the globule and get another charge of Thrash after a short cooldown. Trash can be regenerated once.

A small stone creature with glowing yellow eyes and amber crystals protruding from its neck floats, leaving a trail of purple fire that leads back to the focused man

I’m a little obsessed with all of Gekko’s abilities just because they’re so damn cute, but his Wingman (Q) seems incredibly powerful. Landing a creature or debuffing a spike while you play around it and clear a spot is a huge advantage, and I can immediately see it being very powerful in both low-level and competitive play.

Valorant’s new agent Gekko launches with Episode 6 Act 2 on March 7, and looks like he’s the perfect choice to help you get through Valorous ranks. However, choosing a character is only one part of the puzzle, as you will need one of the best Valorant Crossroads to help you make your shots.