Sony Pictures has released a new Red Line trailer Jennifer Lawrences upcoming raunchy comedy No hard feelings. The story follows a struggling young woman who answers a Craigslist ad to help two parents bring their sheltered son out of his shell by “getting to know” his brain. All for the Buick Regal.

On the verge of losing her childhood home, Maddie (Lawrence) finds an interesting job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for a “date” for their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, before he leaves for college. Maddy soon finds out, to her surprise, that the awkward Percy is clearly not.

Maddie’s goal isn’t as easy as it seems, as Percy becomes a formidable task. But if you follow the formula for these types of movies, Maddie eventually starts to truly love Percy and love him for who he is. It looks like a funny movie that will bring good laughs.

The film is taken from the director Gene Stupnitsky (Good Guys) as well as stars Andrew Feldman, Laura Benanti, Natalie Moralesand Matthew Broderick.

No hard feelings It opens in theaters on June 23.