Netflix has rejected an upcoming Nancy Meyers film Paris Paramount over budget issues. Meyers is known for his romantic comedies and dramas What women want, Holidayand It’s complicated. Paris Paramount was supposed to be his first film since 2015 Intern, Meyers is already in talks with an all-star cast that includes Owen Wilson, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Fassbender and Penelope Cruz. It is said to be about two filmmakers who fall in love before being forced into a new project.


As reported Submission deadline; termination periodNetflix is ​​tired Paris Paramount’s growing budget, eventually with a streaming service Prefers to reject Meyers’ project. Netflix agreed to a budget of $130 million, but the director demanded $150 million, and the two reached an impasse. In the absence of agreement, Paris Paramount will be paused.

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Will Paris Paramount find a new home?


Meyers has a long history of making movies that please feel-good audiences that can also turn a profit, and his work attracts great talent. He worked with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Frances McDormand. Something has to giveand Meryl Streep, John Krasinski and Steve Martin It’s complicated. Meyers’ last film InternStarring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway and Holiday Photographed Kate WinsletJack Black and Cameron Diaz.

Paris Paramount had assembled a star-studded cast of its own, making it an attractive project for the studio to attract audiences. Despite its impressive pedigree, Netflix has been cutting costs in the wake of its financial woes; the service has seen declining subscriptions and is now trying to crack down on password sharing. However, another streaming service or studio looking for a large-scale romantic comedy for theaters could still see value. Paris Paramount.

Meyers’ name carries weight, and together with a brilliant cast, he succeeds. Another streaming service, Like Prime Video, Hulu or Apple TV+ can access to save the movie. However, Meyers may have to continue fighting for a budget of $150 million, which may be steep for most streamers. That’s why Paris Paramount‘s future is uncertain, Meyers and his talented cast may yet find a home elsewhere.

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Source: Deadline