Netflix will officially charge you for the practice that the streamer once encouraged.

It looks like the halcyon days of that era Netflix is ​​ending password sharing. If you want to add more users to your account outside of your home, Netflix now charges an additional $7.99 per month. The policy would crack down on illegal password sharing in the United States and has already been enacted in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. In an email to US customers, Netflix doubled down on its latest and undoubtedly controversial move, saying “Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with – your household.”

If you choose not to pay the additional $7.99 monthly fee, Netflix plans to eliminate password sharing by blocking devices based on location services that determine whether your device is near the primary user’s primary device. Fortunately, Netflix allows users to access Netflix while traveling or using their account in hotels.


A plan to increase income, first and foremost

This announcement comes after Netflix first announced it plan to end password sharing earlier this year. Streaming service soon canceled these plans, however, it seems they are back on track to destroy the practice they once openly supported. Whether this move will help or hurt the company is yet to be seen. Although this is an attempt to profit, there may be suppression driving subscribers off the platform. Early results of this change in Canada show that subscriptions have increased rather than decreased as a result of changes to the subscription policy. Diversity. However, it should be noted that it is difficult to use the trends observed during one financial quarter as a definite result.

Streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock, Disney+, Hulu and Apple TV+

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CEO of Netflix Greg Peters said of the change: “We see an increase in membership through this approach. We see an increase in revenue through this.” Ultimately, only time will tell if this strategy can work, especially with its core properties like Netflix. Strange things there is Production was halted as the Writers Guild of America strike continued. The strike, which has halted many high-profile projects, is a result of ongoing labor problems among profit-driven companies like Netflix and the key to their success: the creative workforce.