The most popular comedy series New Girl goes Netflix next month, which presents a major comedy challenge for the streaming platform. Netflix has become the largest streaming service in the world, thanks in part to creating an endless catalog of exclusive content, be it award-winning series. Sexual education or like prestige films Irish. However, while these projects get the most attention, it’s the great sitcoms that have helped Netflix retain its longtime subscribers. Shows spanning six, seven, or even nine seasons are the reason Netflix has gained hundreds of millions of subscribers in the first place.


New Girl Stops streaming on Netflix on April 17 as it moves to Hulu and Peacock. But the Zooey Deschanel sitcom is the latest in a long line of sitcoms to leave the stream. Like other popular comedies Office, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, and many others have left the service over the past few years. These entertainment series are also comfort shows, and Netflix lacks any kind of comfort shows. This could be a big problem for Netflix, and the streamer could see its subscriber base shrink.

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Netflix’s comedy losses have spilled over to other streaming services

Michael Scott is looking at the camera in The Office

Ironically, the reason so many popular sitcoms are leaving Netflix is ​​because of how successful the streaming service has become. After Netflix’s amazing way to consume shows and movies, every network and studio saw how profitable the streaming service was and started creating their own. There are now many other cheap streaming servicesand Office and Parks and Rec Moved to Peacock owned by NBC. Ultimately, each show will be owned by its own network’s own streaming service, meaning the only comedies available on Netflix will be from the streamer itself.

Why Netflix’s Comedy Losses May Be Especially Troubled Viewers

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As Netflix rapidly loses sitcoms, not only does it leave a huge void in the streamer’s library, but many of these shows are the only reason some users subscribe to it. US Netflix is ​​no more Friendsis a huge show that many have used Netflix to watch only, and this may be just that New Girl too. This means that users can opt out of Netflix for Peacock or whatever streaming service they’ve moved their favorite show to. However, most statistics do not support this, because Netflix later gained millions of subscribers Friends left the streamer, but it was because of the pandemic (via Happiness).

Although Netflix is ​​fully invested in stand-up specials, the streamer unfortunately doesn’t have many comedy shows, and it doesn’t have a single long-running sitcom. The streamer has a habit of canceling shows after a season or two because series become more expensive when they enter their third and fourth seasons. While this will save money in the near term, the resistance to creating long-running series means Netflix is ​​without long-running tentpole comedies, which will keep subscribers. Netflix should develop as Office– like a sitcom that can run for years before every other existing sitcom goes off the air.

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