20 years after it first appeared in classic cinemas, Sean William Scott share their thoughts about their potential Dude, where’s my car? continuation. The 2000 comedy starring Scott and Ashton Kutcher is about two best friends who love to party the night away but can’t remember anything, including where they left their car, only to retrace their steps. it will be a strange day. Despite being panned by critics, the film was a box office hit, grossing $100 million against a $13 million budget, and has become a cult following in the years since.


Only when talking to Screen Rat discussing his villainous role Becky’s angerSenn William Scott addressed the possibilities for a Dude, where’s my car? continuation. Although she admitted she hasn’t spoken to Ashton Kutcher about the idea, she’d love to work with her co-star again and joked that she promised Conan O’Brien they’d make a sequel after years of being asked on his show. . Check out what Scott shared below:

No, we never talked about it. You know, when I do Conan, his show, I hear about it all the time. He was always talking about it, he was like, “Can you guys seriously do this, man, where’s my car?” Me: “We need you, man.” But I think the title itself is too funny to make a movie, but I would love to work with Ashton again. If there’s a super funny, weird, f—-d up script, sure. But yeah, I haven’t heard anything about it. I didn’t think about (the story), but it’s the same or things have gone bad for them. Maybe my character is fat – it doesn’t mean bad things, you can be fat and everything will be fine for you. But, perhaps, it turned out to be worse for him in every way. I think it would be fun to see those two guys have something going on again, maybe it’s like they haven’t seen each other in a long time and they’re on a date and they’re in a great mood – — d up, and then “Holy s–t, we’ve lost the car,” and it’s a whole new set of, “What have we done? We’ve got to retrace our steps.” I don’t know, do you have any ideas?

A friend, can my car have a sequel? Are you still working?

Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott

Scott admitted it too Screen Rat his idea is a Dude, where’s my car? a sequel can work very close to this the Hangover, which itself is already mainly borrowed from the 2000 comedy about friends looking for something lost after a wild night of partying. However, unlike the Todd Phillips-helmed trilogy, Scott and Kutcher’s film took a more whimsical approach to its plot, including aliens, time travel, and PG-13 stoner humor, leading some to believe that the sequel would be the best of today. raises the question whether it can work. .

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Looking back at the original film, there are several elements Dude, where’s my car? By today’s standards, that is, with the jokes surrounding transgender women, this would not be possible. the Hangover the trilogy itself already has a number of jokes listed in the 14 years since its inception. However, it is a given the Hangover films were made on budgets at least three times that of Scott and Kutcher’s, the lower-scale sensibility that made the latter a cult classic could keep the sequel’s budget low, even in an even more overstretched economy.

One of the biggest things that can help or hurt potential Dude, where’s my car? sequels are the future of 20th Century Studios releases. Originally produced by 20th Century Fox, the studio, now owned by Disney, has seen many of their projects released directly to Hulu, some of which have been successful. ldi and could be a paid release strategy for a possible sequel. . Although Disney is pulling dozens of titles From Hulu and Disney+, it might be better for a Dude, where’s my car? Watching to wait until things settle down in the Mouse House.