There are many more fan favorite series coming this summer. However, when it comes to comedy or murder mystery, there is no show that is as anticipated. Only murders in the building. The Hulu series stars Steve Martin, Martin Shortand Selena Gomez The third season will debut in early August. Now it has been announced Season 3 gets a two-part premiere.

This is a smart move for two reasons. First of all, Only murders it has been such an addictive series to watch exciting first two seasons And, when the mystery genre is good, it’s hard to put down. Additionally, in today’s highly competitive streaming landscape, many series have found it difficult to attract viewers with a single episode. Two-episode premieres are better for a potential viewer to judge the show’s overall quality. It worked wonders Only murders in the past, Season 2 made a similarly multi-episode debut last summer.


Only murders He left the building

In the first two seasons Only murders Focusing on the twisted capers of Charles (Martin), Oliver (Short) and Mabel (Gomez) in a New York apartment building, Season 3 will take fans out of the fascinating maze of Arkonia and into the theater’s blood-soaked mind games. . industry. Season 3 takes place a year after Season 2, which was teased in that season’s killer finale. Oliver finally directed the Broadway show, but its star, Ben Glenroy, always gave a great performance. Paul Rudd died on stage in front of our favorite podcast and became a real-life mystery-solving trio. Season 3 will focus on Who Killed Ben and is sure to use it to flesh out the story of the amnesiac actor as in previous seasons. Despite the Season 3 premiere still being months away, the list of potential suspects is already taking shape. There is no one else at the top of this list Meryl Streep who will join the new season Only murders biggest guest star to date.

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Although this is not surprising Only murders As good as it is given the tremendous talent involved, Martin, Short, and Gomez have some of the best chemistry in modern television history. Their comedy timing and pairing is second to none. Every episode so far has been an unpredictable rollercoaster ride thanks to their unique connection. It also helps the writing and atmosphere to be perfect. This is one of the best murder mysteries to come along in a while. It’s so effortlessly satisfying that it blends humor, drama, and edge-of-the-seat thrills with meaningful character development. additions of Rudd and Strip this season will only add to that.

When Only murders Is there a season 3 release?

Only murders in the building will have a two-part premiere August 8, 2023, before airing new episodes weekly until its conclusion on October 3, 2023. The season, like the previous two, will consist of 10 episodes. You can catch the first two seasons on Hulu now. A teaser for Season 3 can also be seen below.