Rumors are circulating online that the PlayStation demo will take place in May 2023. Adding more fuel to the fire was a tweet by Ed Boone, a co-author Mortal Kombat.

IN a tweet, Boone wrote that “This week should be fun,” along with a snake-like dragon emoji. This is in the midst of rampant rumors that a new storefront is on the way Mortal Kombat game is one of the games featured in it.

Reno Industry Insider tweeted a potential list of developers such as Kojima Productions, SuckerPunch and Naughty Dog. It would be a huge showcase if true, even Bungie came to the party.

But let’s pause for a moment and see if the demonstration is actually believable this week. Looking at the PlayStation’s history of shows, there’s actually a good chance it will happen this May.

IGN article all current states that have occurred since 2019 are listed. There was one in May for 2019, 2020 and 2021. 2022 is the only year where the current state was in June instead of May. But it still gives us more reason to believe that it will happen this month.

Since these are still rumors at this point, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt and wait for an actual announcement before getting too excited.

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