Season 02 Reloaded launches on March 15 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. The mid-season update continues the epic action from the start of the season with the introduction of Special Ops Raid Episode 02, the Himmelmatt Expo 6v6 multiplayer map, new Camo Challenges, new free functional weapons and more in both games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 Season 02 Reloaded will be released on March 15

Raid Episode 02, Himmelmatt Expo, other party modes

Test your skills in a new co-op raid, explore the idyllic winter retreat of Himmelmat, and relax with new multiplayer party modes.

Atomgrad Raid Episode 02: Team up with two other players and take on the roles of Captain Price, Farah and Gaz as you embark on a new mission to locate and retrieve a deadly warhead. Operators must navigate deadly traps and increasing enemy resistance as they climb through a missile shaft.

As part of the mid-season update, anyone who owns Modern Warfare® II will be able to access raids; Raid assignments are no longer required for access. Players who successfully complete Episode 02 can participate in the veteran version of the raid, offering additional rewards for completing missions with higher odds.

Himmelmatt Expo (6 by 6): Deploy to Himmelmatt Expo, a new base multiplayer map set on a European mountainside. Battle in the main event center and shoot out on the snowy streets around the luxurious amenities of this winter haven. Look for Himmelmatt Expo in the quick play rotation and recommended playlists throughout the 02 Reloaded season.

Grab your winter jacket and get ready to head to this idyllic company retreat in the Swiss Alps. However, attendees of the upcoming Oil & Gas Summit 2023 will have to delay their arrival as a battle breaks out between SpecGru and KorTac forces at the site.

Himmelmatt Expo consists of four main areas:

Event Center: The event center occupies almost half of the map, a huge building that houses reception services, a conference hall, a lounge and a terrace. The structure consists of two levels: the main floor, which leads from the reception desk on both sides of the building and through the terrace, and the lower floor, which leads to the conference room.

Main roads: Roads lead to the upper and lower entrances to the event center, where parked cars are scattered throughout. From the southern roundabout you can see over the sauna and up towards the restaurant, while operators on the northern street enjoy a similar view of the sauna and the enemies emerging from the pool. Use a variety of trucks and vehicles for cover here if necessary, and be sure to rush inside if you’re alerted to an enemy lane.

Restaurant: Although the restaurant is tiny compared to the event hub, it occupies an important place on the map, where several game modes place their objective on or near a building.

Swimming pool and sauna: Sauna offers a slightly safer route when traveling outdoors, given its location on the side of the map and squat buildings that provide good cover. If you need to get through the pool area, use your tactical sprint to get through quickly; otherwise you risk becoming a duck on a cold winter day.

Himmelmatt Expo generates:

Appearing at the top of the map, SpecGru operators can immediately return to the North Hall or continue in a roundabout way to the pool, restaurant and sauna.

KorTac’s forces appear on the southern edge of the map, facing the event center, where you’ll see his welcome messages in various languages. Operators have a few options when starting a match here: go straight through the double doors leading to the lobby – from there head to the lounge, terrace or conference room – use the double doors leading to the lounge or stay out in the open, skirting the main building in the direction of the pool and sauna.

On a larger map like Himmelmatt Expo, it’s important to get a feel for when you should move and attack, and when it’s best to defend your position. Move too aggressively and you’ll be eliminated along the way; delay too much and you risk missing the action. The more you play the card, the sharper your instincts will be. For more tips and tricks, check out the deep dive on the Gimmelmatt Expo Map Guide blog.

Play new party modes

After re-releases of Infected, Gun Game, and Grind for Modern Warfare II, Season 02 Reloaded drops three more party modes from Call of Duty’s nearly two-decade history:

Drop zone: Capture and hold the drop zone to earn points in this chaotic team mode. Every 15 seconds that the drop zone is occupied, a care package containing a kill streak will drop nearby. This makes getting to the next drop zone a high priority, so you can start earning those packs as soon as possible.

All or nothing: Armed only with metal knives and a pistol with no ammo, each operator must fight for himself in a race to earn 20 eliminations. Earn additional bonuses by destroying enemies, starting with the Junkyard bonus to allow you to pick up ammo.

One in a cell: Load a gun, one bullet and three lives into the match. Each player fights for themselves, and a single shot to any part of the body results in elimination, giving the attacker another bullet for the next fight. Try not to miss.

Celebrating the third anniversary of Call of Duty: Warzone

To celebrate three years of Warzone, all players will receive free items from the in-game store dedicated to the maps, seasons, and memories created after the surprise launch on March 10, 2020. These rewards include a free weapon project, a business card and an emblem. Check the in-game store daily to claim your rewards throughout the season.

Path of the Ronin Event camouflage tasks

Path of the Ronin will transition from the Seven Virtues of Bushido to a new set of weapon camouflage challenges when the mid-season update launches. Complete the challenge to unlock a new camouflage – Winds of Ash – for each weapon in this category. Complete all ten missions to receive another new camo for each weapon—the Bowing Blossoms—as well as a golden charm that symbolizes your dedication to following the Way of the Ronin.

New weapon

Season 02 Reloaded gives you more ways to fight your enemies, whether you prefer loud punches or quick and silent strikes.

Tempus Torrent: This new Marksman rifle offers impressive damage and a rapid fire mechanism, making it a great primary weapon choice when deployed on the new Himmelmatt Expo multiplayer map or Ashika Island. Unlock Tempus Torrent by completing an in-game weapon challenge or by purchasing through the Store Bundle

Keep an eye out for more shop sets coming mid-season, including Tracer Pack: Padraig’s Pandemonium Bundle, Generation XRKand Raid Bundle Season 02: Deepwater.

New Social Feature: Party Queue

Among other technical updates in Modern Warfare and Warzone 2.0, which all the development studios are working on, there is one notable feature that makes it easier to organize parties with friends and teammates.

Party Queue allows players to automatically join a friend’s party when they finish their active match. Similar to inviting friends to a party or channel, you can access your party queue through the in-game social menu.

By selecting the party queue option, you will wait in the pre-match lobby until that particular friend finishes their match, and then automatically join their lobby for the next match. While queuing, you can use voice and text chat with those currently in the match, and all queued players will appear in the game channel member list for all players in the specified group.

Note that group queuing may result in the current team being ineligible for a playlist requeue if their new group size exceeds the maximum number of groups in a match (for example, getting a group of five from the group queue after the match ends Battle Royale Quads) . In such cases, you may need to switch to a game mode that can accommodate the new party size, or figure out how to go back to the party size limit in game mode.

A PlayStation exclusive nod to the Season 02 Battle Pack

Also, don’t forget to grab your exclusive carrier pack. The Season 02 Battle Pack provides the Hiro “Oni” Wantanabe Operator Skin, suitable for the journey of those who live by the Samurai Code.

PlayStation® Plus subscribers will also receive the following: ‘Oni Carver’ SMG Blueprint, ‘Oni Slasher’ Assault Rifle Blueprint, ‘Yoroi’ Weapon Charm, ‘Crimson Oni’ Animated Calling Card, ‘Golden Dragonfly’ Sticker Weapon and ‘Smiling Oni’ emblem.

And be sure to tune in to Season 02 Reloaded on PlayStation from 10am March 16th to 10am March 17th PT to take full advantage of the exclusive Sony Player 2XP!

Season 02 of Reloaded starts on March 15

For the ultimate mid-season experience, purchase Modern Warfare II on PlayStation today and gain access to additional content across three modes, including the ability to unlock 14 exclusive operators for use in both games. Modern Warfare II owners also get a premium experience while playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, which is awarded at the end of each match.

Stay frosty.