Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Even though the Modern Warfare 2 M4 is one of the few weapons you start a Call of Duty FPS game with, it’s actually an incredibly solid weapon choice, especially if you unlock some other attachments and use the Modern Warfare weapon customization for it 2. Developer Infinity Ward seems to agree that due to a rather funny glitch, all players are given M4s regardless of which starting weapon you choose in multiplayer, and the team is working on fixing this issue.

Even though it’s one of Modern Warfare 2’s best guns, not everyone wants to use the M4. Now, even if you do not select it, you may encounter an error when waiting in the lobby, your weapon and all others are displayed as M4. However, Infinity Ward has indicated where the issue originated and that it is currently looking into a solution.

“We’ve just implemented a fix that makes the Social menu available in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2,” Infinity Ward writes on their Trello board. “This fix will temporarily cause weapons in other players’ display cases to show up as M4. We’ll let you know here when the issue is resolved.”

It’s a minor visual thing, but at least Infinity Ward has reached out to her and said that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 M4 issue will be resolved soon and Trello will be updated to reflect any changes. Luckily, this glitch doesn’t affect your game on any of the Modern Warfare 2 maps, only the loading menu.

This Call of Duty M4 issue is one of the many issues with Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, but there have been reports of something similar happening in the game as well. One player with a Modern Warfare 2 M4 gold skin (one of Modern Warfare 2’s master camouflages) took to Reddit to show how all players have his skin, saying that they were “sick of seeing my own weapons just duplicated all over the world . screen.”

“I didn’t actually see any mention of this as there are so many other things to change/fix with this UI, but I’d like to see what other weapons my friends/other people are rocking as well , as it was in MW2019, writes Cshultz1212 on Reddit with a screenshot confirming the M4 crash in Modern Warfare 2.

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