The Trails & Tales update will be released for Minecraft players later this year, Mojang announced.

Formerly known as Update 1.20it’s about “self-expression through representation, storytelling, and world-building.”

Minecraft Monthly – Minecraft 1.20 Name Reveal – Trails and Stories

You can already experience Trails & Tales features in Bedrock betas, previews, and Java snapshots. You can hunt for seeds with a sniffer, trim your armor, do archaeology, run around in the cherry blossom biome, ride a camel, hang signs, organize your bookshelf, use bamboo for crafting, and more.

All of the features currently available for snapshots, betas, and previews are early builds, and the studio wants to get as much feedback from players as possible.

Here’s more information on some of the features coming with the Minecraft Trails & Takes update:

  • Camels: a new friendly camel crowd can be found in desert villages and can be ridden by not one, but TWO players at once. They can also be quite mobile, and riders are protected from hostile mob attacks by sitting high on their humps, making camels ideal for long journeys across the world.
  • Bamboo tree set: Like other types of wood, you can make things like slabs and stairs, but bamboo also brings you mosaic blocks that are perfect for flooring and making a great raft.
  • Turned bookshelves: Do you have a lot of books and need a place to display them? You can build your own carved bookshelf to store your books to keep all your stories safe and sound.
  • Hanging signs: Hanging signs can be made from any type of wood and arranged in all sorts of cool ways along with customized text to add that extra touch to your bases and structures. Place them under or to the side of the blocks for that finishing touch!
  • Armor plating: You can customize your armor with new armor! Armor finishes are represented by several patterns that you can find in the form of blacksmith patterns hidden in the world of Minecraft.
  • New mob head feature: This update also adds a brand new mob head for players to collect – a pig head! Players can wear it or use Redstone to make the ears move. Also, mob heads placed on top of note blocks will now play the appropriate mob sound effects!
  • Archeology: The new archeology system consists of several components, which include a new crafting tool (brush) and new blocks (suspicious sand and decorative pots), as well as changes to desert temples and wells.
  • Smeller: The sniffer is an ancient creature found in eggs dug out of suspicious sand. These hatch into babies that, once grown, can help you hunt for ancient plant seeds like the torch, which can add a prehistoric feel to your world!
  • Cherry blossom biome and tree set: Are you ready for Minecraft 1.20 to bring a rare and above all PINK biome to Overworld!? The beautiful cherry blossom biome is filled with blooming cherry trees that give a unique look to the skyline. A cherry tree can be split into solid wood, and you can also find cherry tree seedlings to plant anywhere.