New DLC pack for Minecraft joined his market today. Simultaneously discovered and published on Tuesday Mega Man X DLC Pack adds a set of content based on the classic SNES game.

Mega Man X was a 1993 reboot Capcomlegendary Mega man franchise The first game was released on the SNES and regularly spawned several sequels on multiple platforms, leading up to Mega Man X8 for the PlayStation 2 in 2005. The series has also been collected into the two currently available Mega Man X Legacy Collections and expanded into the realm of mobile games with Mega Man X DiVE released in 2020.

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Now, the latest version of the Mega Man X line has arrived in another game as a new DLC for Minecraft. Developed by Minecraft Marketplace regulars 57 Digital, the Mega Man X DLC pack is in the works to add the seemingly complete original Mega Man X SNES game as Minecraft’s own content. Includes skins based on X, the game’s “Mega Man”, his colorful weaponized forms and companion Zero. In addition, all of the game’s levels have been recreated in Minecraft architecture, as well as boss battles against Mavericks such as Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle, as well as the recurring villain Vile, right up to the very final boss Sigma.

The new DLC pack has been unveiled on the official Minecraft website, with Nintendo announcing that the content is also available for Switch game version. The DLC trailer, shared across all of the announcements, showcases levels played in classic side-scroll mode, of course, alongside multiplayer options and classic music tracks included. All of those announcements just dropped when the content was released on Tuesday, a nice surprise for fans in Mega Man X’s 30th anniversary year.

The Mega Man X DLC is available through the Minecraft Marketplace for whatever device you play on for 1340 Minecraft Coins. That’s about eight dollars in real money. However, please note that as of this writing, players who have already received the DLC are reporting numerous bugs and issues with the actual game. Since we just learned of its existence, it might be worth waiting a bit to see what the general reaction will be to this latest surprise outing for X.

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