Mikel Arteta his told Arsenal Players will forget their European debuts as they aim to top the Premier League by eight points.

Artillery was defeated Sport They failed to reach the quarterfinals as a result of penalty shootout on Thursday. Europa League.

Attention is now turning to domestic matters as Arsenal aim to become even clearer at the summit.

The managerless Crystal Palace, visitors to the Emirates Stadium and the side of Manchester City and Arteta, their closest championship rivals in the FA Cup challenge, could enter the international interlude with healthy leadership.

“I tried to be very clear in the locker room,” Arteta replied when asked how he made sure his players didn’t carry their Europa League disappointments into the title race.

“It was all about the message: take it, accept it, we should learn from it, but now there is no point in wasting a bit of energy or thought to subtract anything from Sunday.

“To beat them we have to give our best against Palace again in the Premier League and I want everyone to be mentally and physically recovered and in the best shape possible for the game.”

Despite being knocked out in Europe, Arteta feels he has learned more from adversity than from success, as he aims to draw positives from the Sporting defeat.

“I saw a lot of things on Thursday, especially when they were dealing a lot of balls and suffering, that they did it together,” he said.

“The way they reacted, how they acted when we conceded a goal and how the game changed after that. It shows me a lot of positive signs.

Friday was all about conveying the message about the Palace game and elevating them.

Mikel Arteta

“The downside is that we didn’t materialize to win in the end because – in the end – I think we deserved to win and finish, but that wasn’t enough, maybe it was too late.

“Friday was all about getting the message out about the Palace game, getting them on their feet and making sure they were in the best shape they could be there.”

Captain Martin Odegaard He echoed his manager’s sentiments and knows that players must remove themselves if they’re going to surrender to Palace.

“This is very, very important,” he replied when asked about the bounce back.

“The next game is coming quickly, so let’s not feel sorry for ourselves. We have to recover and make sure we win.

“It’s good that we’re disappointed. We should feel disappointed. We just have to make sure it’s tonight and come Sunday with fresh minds ready to win.”