Today, third-party developers shared news about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in addition to several airport releases.

We start with PMDG, who finally sent theirs Boeing 737 Packages to market for release on Xbox. They expect to release on May 18th or 15th if all goes according to plan. This will be the most advanced airliner available in the console version of the simulator after its launch.

There will also be livery packs priced at $4.99. Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to own the awesome Pokemon livery pictured above since it’s user-generated and free for PC. If someone tried to sell it, it would attract the unwanted attention of lawyers.

Additionally, we learned that the Universal Flight Tablet for the 737 is progressing and will be released with a number of features to be added further down the line. Navigraph and Simbrief are supported. At the moment there is no release date yet.

Progress is also being made on the 777, with PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo sharing a rather teasing update.

Work on this project is progressing and we are very pleased with how things are going. Developer time has run out as we continue to support the work required for ongoing 737 improvements, tablet development, Xbox testing and training, but overall things are moving forward and the pieces are finally coming together in a polished form. I don’t plan to show you in-process shots later. The reason for this is that we’re taking a lot of what we’ve learned from developing the 737 from 2020 to now, and it’s delivering some absolutely stunning results and features that we know you’ll love. Instead of displaying them partially, we want to show them to you as they are ready to save the “ah moment!” that comes from seeing something new and exciting, including the ideas and changes that come from our work and your suggestions.

You can find more details at official forums.

We also receive ads from PILOT’S GesmbH, which will release a Cessna Citation X+ business jet equipped with Garmin G5000 avionics. Currently, we only get one image of the model.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Cessna Citation X

Moving on to airports, Verticalsim revealed more screenshots with Ontario International Airport (KONT) in California, United States, showing the UPS terminal and warehouses.

Next we get a few releases, starting with Brest Bretagne Airport (LFRB) in France from 3DVirtualSim. Him available on Simmarket for 16.62 USD.

It comes with the following features and it’s worth noting that this is a separate version of the airport from the one in development Pilot experience simulator.

  • High-LOD 3D building models with 4K PBR textures
  • Modeling of the interior of the main building
  • Very detailed dynamic routes (available on gates 5 and 6 due to SDK limitations)
  • Reprocessed aerial images from IGN according to MSFS Bing image colorimetry
  • Realistic ground textures with accurate runway modeling and special approach lights
  • Accurate soil profile of the runway
  • Night zipper to order

EcuaVirtual3D has released Seymour Airport (SEGS), also known as Seymour Galapagos Eco Airport, serving Baltra Island in Ecuador. you can find at Simmarket for $17.54.

  • Exact copy of Seymour from Baltra Airport.
  • Accurate modeling based on original reference books, plans and other research.
  • Fully customized floor with ambient occlusion included in the textures.
  • Individual taxiway sign.
  • The scene contains static objects, vehicles and airplanes.
  • Avenues and streets with traffic of standard and individual vehicles.
  • HDR lighting with special night textures.
  • Custom textures with ambient occlusion.
  • Special approach lighting systems (ALS).
  • Taxi routes are included for aircraft, “taxi route”.
  • New control tower with interior rendering.
  • Highly accurate mesh of fully edited terrain around the airport.


Finally, Davor Pulević released Osijek Airport (LDOS) in Croatia. Currently available at Simmarket for $10.36.

Microsoft Flight Simulator currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming including Game Pass. If you want to know more, stay tuned to TechRaptor, like us daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to keep you up to date with the many additions that come and go for the Sim. We have it too recently interviewed Jorg Neumann from Microsoft about the Antonov An-225 “Dream” and meniBuilds CEO Ubaid Moussa on the work of the popular third-party developer. If you are interested in reviews, you can check iniBuilds New York JFK Airport, Orbx Oslo Gardermoen Airportand RHDSimulations’ Boeing 767-300ER.