Today, third-party developers announced a new airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator, showed off an airplane, and released two new expansions.

We start with new screenshots and updated developments about the future F-4 Phantom by DC Designs.

“Phantom cockpit again this week! There is so much work going on in the F4 office that it is a veritable beehive of rivets, cables, wires and bolts. However, progress is being made, texturing continues and tools are slowly coming online as animations are added. CodenameJack has already done some great work on the flight model and wants to start working on the interior of the cockpit. I haven’t animated any of the switches or added stickers yet, so it must be done beforehand.

Textures and animations will take up most of next week, and I’ll also hand over the finished work to my texture artist as he’ll no doubt be making improvements between now and launch. Similarly, Sim Acoustics will soon want to start work on the sound package, so I’m working hard to get everything in place so Phantoms can enter the final stages of development. Speaking of texture art, some of the first liveries are now coming off the Novawing24 production line and are included in the screenshots. All are currently WIP and do not represent finished artwork.

The Phantom didn’t have a HUD (just a scope) or any sophisticated screens or displays. No LNAV functions or digital displays. It’s a true Cold War jet, so pilots will only need to control it with analog instruments. Only the basic three-axis autopilot will be included. It’s a real man’s fighter, so you’ll have to put on your grown-up pants if you want to drive it the way it’s supposed to be—hands-on.

Once the front cockpit is textured and animated, work on the RIO cockpit will begin.”

Next comes MK Studios, which announced Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (LIPE) in Italy. We can also see some screenshots. It is worth noting that this is a completely separate project released a few weeks ago by Caelus Aerial.

Speaking of releases, Orbx has released another Australian airport, to be exact Rockhampton Airport (YBRK) in central Queensland.

Currently available on Orbx Direct for $16.39 with the following features.

  • Detailed rendering of Rockhampton Airport with ultra high resolution textures
  • Individual lighting of ground and taxiways
  • Military and GA statics
  • Internal simulation of the departure zone terminal
  • Terraformed runways, drainage channels, taxiways and aprons
  • Clear 15 cm aerial photographs
  • Rob Byrne

Last but not least, we’re going to Greece with iniBuilds, who released the Chios Island National Airport (LGHI).

It is available on the developer’s website own shop for $8.58. You can check out the features and trailer below.

  • Handcrafted ground textures with detailed custom texture sets
  • Realistic airport ground recreation with custom ground stickers, markers, vegetation, parking barriers and more
  • Accurate real stickers and advertisements scattered throughout the airport to promote a real life experience
  • Properly placed lighting
  • Surrounding facilities including shops and boats
  • Hand-placed ground handling equipment scattered throughout


Earlier this week, Microsoft have revealed their plans for World Update 13which will be Oceania, and has shared new details and footage of the upcoming ATR 42/72-600.

Microsoft Flight Simulator currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming including Game Pass. If you’d like to learn more, stay tuned to TechRaptor like we do daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to keep you up to date with the many additions that come and go for the Sim. We have it too recently interviewed Jorg Neumann from Microsoft about the Antonov An-225 “Dream” and commented on Orbx Oslo Gardermoen Airport and RHDSimulations’ Boeing 767-300ER.