Third-party developers have revealed new screenshots of two major airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, both of which happen to be in Northern Europe.

We start (aptly) with Simnord, which liberated his new images Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup (EKCH) in Denmark, looking at Terminal 2.

It’s definitely an interesting project, if only because Simnord is going up against the existing version of the airport created by FlyTampa, which is already extremely good. With this in mind, considering that the studio is from Denmark and they are completely dedicated to the creation of local airports, it is not surprising that they are making a splash in the center of the capital. Also, it’s always nice to see popular developers being challenged.

You can see what it looks like below.

Next, we stay in the Scandinavian countries with a single screenshot of Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) from Orbx. The level of detail on this one looks fantastic, which isn’t surprising considering it comes from the same developer who made the excellent Bromma.

We’re hearing it’s slated for release “most likely” in the spring, and will have various additional features on Orbx Central.

It should also face some tough competition as Stockholm was included in the world update for free. That being said, the quality of what we’ve seen so far is very promising.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Stockholm

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