Thank you Star Trek actor Michael DornIt’s time to dive into the fun of the franchise, where you take on the role of Worf, the fan-favorite Klingon warrior. Star Trek debate It reignited the debate about which is the best Star Trek A movie in the franchise. Most fans believe it was 1982 Wrath of the Khan the best thing is that it has such a diverse fanbase that it has room for different opinions.

Enter Michael Dorn, who makes his exciting return to the franchise Star Trek: Picard Season 3. In the March 2023 issue of SFX Magazine, Dorn stated that his favorite film in the franchise was the 1996 film. Star Trek: First Contact. This may seem like a curveball to some fans, but you can’t deny it First contact not a great movie! Dorn said:

“I always thought The Wrath of Khan was the best Star Trek movie, until First Contact. I thought First Contact was great for so many reasons, but the main one one of the reasons is that everyone contributed, everyone had a story. very complete, no one was left out.”

Thanks to Dorn First contact goes beyond the film itself. He draws parallels between what made the film so effective and its success Star Trek: Picard. In particular, the fact that each character’s story is well written and given enough time to shine. As Dorn says:

“I think it’s the same with (Picard), everybody’s story is well written. It couldn’t have been easy for a lot of people to write, but I think they did a really good job.”

fans of Picard were looking forward to the return of the original crew from The next generationand Dorn’s comments should encourage those excited for the series hoping to see these characters shine once again.

As self-proclaimed Track Nerd, Dorn’s opinion carries some weight. He’s a huge fan of the original series and someone like him singles out a special one Star Trek must be considered as the best of the film. He continued:

“I’m a huge fan of the original (series), like, huge fan. I know every episode, I know all the characters and all the actors. I’m one of those people who try to be in the show. tell people who every character is.”

I love the original series and Blood warI grew up a huge fan The next generation series and First contact was one of my favorites Star Trek movies since I first saw them when I was young.