Jordan joins Jonathan Majors in theaters March 3.

Creed III Obviously, even after his official departure, he has big boots to fill with a franchise carving his own path. Sylvester StalloneRocky Balboa and a new role as director of the titular star Michael B. Jordan (Adonis “Donnie” Creed). While Stallone may have been okay with the venture, closing the door on his 46-year career as a boxing hero, Jordan has made it clear that he intends to take the franchise in a new direction, becoming the first sports film shot in IMAX. ldi is definitely a start. To enhance the film further, it uses Dolby technology with enhanced sound quality for cinema. Ahead of the film’s release, Dolby has released a new promo for the film, giving viewers an insight into the immersive experience on the cards.

The new music video showcases the power of sound with a variety of shots, including Donny’s high-intensity kick sequence, as well as scenes featuring light footwork and moments of silence. Explaining how technology is integrated to deliver a unique experience in movie theaters, Jordan said, “In Creed III Our film has a lot of things that feel and look good in a movie theater. You want to hear the footsteps, the beats, the music, the absence of sound, really immerse yourself in the whole world.

Creed III Knockout

The extended experience certainly seems to have helped boost the delivery of Jordan’s offering, which has been approved in early reviews across the project, receiving a 91% rating. Rotten tomatoes Tomato meter. Actually, Collider itself Ross Bonaime hailed him for breathing “new life into a half-century-old franchise”. Notably, the review is also commendable Creed III “For giving us time to acquaint ourselves with the approaching enemy, made us sympathize with Dame’s plight and her despair.” In the film, this manifests itself through the troubled relationship between Donnie and his former childhood best friend. Damian “Dame” Andersen (Jonathan Majors). After spending most of his life in prison, Donnie may know more about it than first appears, Dame is filled with an appetite for revenge and making up for lost time.

Jonathan Majors as Damien in Creed 3
Image via MGM

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It is especially important to learn the concept of good and bad Rocky franchise has always been fearless in its ability to tackle real-life issues like love, loyalty and loss. After all, it’s those stories that have drawn Stallone a following for years to come. Time will tell if not Creed III can provide the same global validation, but at first glance it looks promising.

Creed III It will be shown in theaters on March 3. In the meantime, you can watch the Dolby promo teaser below.