Creed III Being the first film in the Rocky franchise, it is not included Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. It’s a shame we won’t see Rocky again, but after 40 years of playing the character, Stallone announced his retirement: “It was my greatest honor to create and play this meaningful character. My heart, alas, everything must pass … and end. I love you kind and generous people and the best part is that ROCKY will never die because he lives on in you.”

Michael B. Jordan Now that torch in Creed III sees Adonis “Donnie” Creed face off against his old friend Damian from the past. Jonathan Majors. In a recent interview with HOT 97, Jordan talked about not having Rocky in the film and how the franchise will move forward without the iconic character. He explained that this next film is about “moving the franchise forward” by taking Adonis out of the shadows of Apollo and Rocky.

“First of all, the DNA of Sly and Rocky is through this whole franchise. You can’t have movies like that (without it). That underdog spirit, I think, connects the underdog in all of us. I think that’s what we love about these movies. Ko The thing is, we see a man who goes through hardships, who rises from the ashes and climbs to the top of the mountain, and we connect with him. With Adonis Creed.”

Jordan was the first to explain it Creed “It was very much about Rocky and Apollo,” and the second film was about Adonis “trying to step out of Apollo Creed’s shadow and become comfortable in his own skin.” He came to terms with his father’s death after fighting Viktor Drago (Florian Muntianu), son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) killed his father in the ring.

After those films, Jordan wanted Creed III to “stand on the shoulders of Adonis” and explained the story he wanted to tell with the character:

“I want Adonis to get back on his feet. To do that, we had to go back in time. What were those formative years, those childhood traumas that shaped[Adonis]into who he is today? I think that was the place for this story. Adonis Creed about moving forward with his family and about him moving forward.

It makes sense to take Creed’s story in that direction, but Stallone’s wasn’t. looks very happy with. Stallone previously said: “It’s a sad situation, because I know what it can be. It’s taken in a completely different direction than I would have taken it. It’s a different philosophy – the philosophy of Irwin Winkler and Michael B. Jordan. well, but I’m more of a sentimentalist. I like my characters to be beaten, but I don’t want them to go into this dark space. I feel people have enough darkness.

No matter what Sly says Creed III looks like a great movie and i’m excited to watch it this weekend! Have you seen Creed III yet? If so, what did you think?