Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

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Group C: Saudi Arabia is the surprise leader of Group C after their first round match, their victory over Argentina has created shock waves in the football world. After today’s stalemate, Mexico and Poland are right behind them with one point each, while Leo Messi and his friends are whipping them without giving them a single point.

End of match: Mexico 0-0 Poland

peep! peep! Peeeeeeeep! It’s all over and the two countries split the points. As long as he was good in the spotlight and both sides felt they could and should win, it was a king’s egg. Robert Lewandowsdki will feel particularly sullen for missing the best chance of the game – a penalty awarded to him after Hector Moreno grabbed a handful of his shirt and dragged him to the ground.

90+6 min: Grzegorz Krychowiak tries his luck from afar and sends the ball high into the Mexican goal. Lewandowski glares at him as he waits for a pass.

90+5 minutes: Hiving Lozano gallops from the inside left and punches the ball into the near post. Poland is clean.

90+3 min: Crash, the game remains steadfastly intact in the middle of the seven-minute grace period. Mexico takes on the injured animal Argentina, while Poland takes on Saudi Arabia.

Last minute: Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United with immediate effect through a “mutual agreement” that is almost certainly more mutual than his own. A typical Ronaldo; he even has to miss the minute-by-minute report of a match between Mexico and Poland to do everything about himself.

89 minutes: Kamil Glick shoots a ball in his face at close range and he goes straight. The game is paused so that he can be cured.

89 minutes: Lewandowski throws himself head-on in a right-curving middle but is heavily marked by Montes and can’t get a head-goal from 10 yards away.

87 minutes: Poland substitution: Arkadiusz Milik replaces Piotr Zielinski. He joined Lewandowski at the front.

84 minutes: Mexico substitution: Uriel Antuna replaces Alexis Vega, possibly Mexico’s man of the match, tonight.

82 minutes: Matty Cash is trying to take a corner at Vega in Poland. Zielinski’s delivery swung toward the distant outpost, but cleared the Mexican lines. Counter-attacking Mexico sends the ball into the Polish penalty area, but Cash goes out before the ball reaches Raul Jimenez.

80 minutes: Alexis Vega’s speculative shot from afar went over the Polish goal. It was worth a try.

77 minutes: Bartosz Bereszynski grabs Hirving Lozano by the ankle and the very unhappy Mexican who was kicked on the pitch asks the referee why he didn’t hold the Polish defender.

76 minutes: As a full backup, Frankowski leaves Hirving Lozano with one left and receives a well-deserved penalty.

74 minutes: Polish corner. Frankowski’s delivery was confirmed in close mail.

70 minutes: Mexican double substitutions: Carlos Rodriguez and Raul Jimenez instead of Hector Herrera and Henry Martin. Poland substitution: Przemyslaw Frankowski replaces Sebastian Szymanski.

67 minutes: Matty Cash steals Alexis Vega’s ball and prepares to gallop in the upper court, but is penalized for a foul. The referee is freaking out but that’s a fair rip off. He stepped on Vega’s foot as he took it from her hand.

Luis Chavez from the left takes a fantastic free kick and the ball hits Hector Moreno’s shoulder and goes out. It was a chance!

64 minutes: Wojciech Szczesny is called up and parries Edson Alvarez’s shot from outside the penalty area. It was a great save, as Hirving Lozano tapped the ball as he flew towards the goal, forcing the errant goalkeeper to change direction.

61 minutes: Lewandwoski can’t score in a World Cup final with his amazing résumé, but he’s the only culprit. He’ll never have a better chance of breaking his duck than this, and Ochoa looked disgusted with herself when she recovered her sub-par effort.

59 minutes: While Mexican fans celebrate like they’ve just won the tournament, the goalkeeper that many love to hate and actually don’t want on their team has done better at another World Cup. Lewandowski’s penalty was a side-footed effort into the lower right corner, but Ochoa splendidly landed to save.

Robert Lewandowski, head in hands.
Robert Lewandowski will have to wait for his first World Cup goal. Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Lewandowski’s point kick was saved!

Unrated! Guillermo Ochoa throws himself to his left and saves Lewandowski’s sentence.

Guillermo Ochoa dives to save the point kick.
Guillermo Ochoa dives to save the point kick. Photograph: Kieran McManus/REX/Shutterstock


Crikey! Hector Moreno is shown the yellow card for dragging out of Lewandowski’s jersey and Poland is awarded a point kick.

54 minutes: A long overdue excitement. Lewandwoski plunged between the two defenders and fell to the ground in the Mexican penalty area, with Hector Moreno holding most of his shirt. Will Poland win a penalty? Referee Chris Beath goes to the side monitor to take a look. I’ve seen it available much cheaper.

Hector Moreno with a handful of Lewandowski's shirts.
Hector Moreno with a handful of Lewandowski’s shirts. Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

50 minutes: Jorge Sanchez joins up with Hirving Lozano, who swings the ball down the right. The fullback doesn’t take the center but wins a corner and Szczesny punches the corner clearly.

49 minutes: Polish free kick, wide left flank, Piotr Zielinski’s kick into the Mexican penalty area was overtaken and opened wide. Terrible.

47 minutes: Robert Lewandowski sends a cross from the left touchline into the Mexico penalty area. Well, Mexico is trying to send a cross into the box. He actually sends the ball high, wide and into the stands behind the goal. Maybe he was hoping to get enough airborne so he would have time to finish it on his own.

Second half: Mexico 0-0 Poland

46 minutes: The game continues for the second half and Poland has made a change. Birmingham City’s Krystian Bielik replaces Nicola Zalewski.

Halftime: Mexico 0-0 Poland

peep! The players take a break without getting stuck, but the Mexicans are the ones who will be more satisfied with their collective performance. They seemed much more enthusiastic than the extremely cunning and clueless Poles. Alexis Vega went the closest for Mexicans. Robert Lewandwoski has made a touchdown in the Mexico box against nine touches in the opponent’s box office in three games in the last World Cup.

45 minutes: Szczesny throws the ball long again, one of his teammates kicks it and Mexico clears the second ball. This is pretty depressing from Poland.

44 minutes: The ball goes out to Mexico right-back Jorge Sanchez from the right wing inside the Poland penalty area. He shoots from a narrow angle, forcing Szczesny to save cleverly on the close post.

42 minutes: Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny hits the ball high and long out-of-bounds for the first, second, third, fourth and even fifth time in this match, only for Mexico to have possession of the ball. Robert Lewandowski must have been furious that his teammates couldn’t win the ball.

39 minutes: Luis Chavez’s excellent left-wing cross goes through the Polish penalty area and somehow finds his way smoothly or untouched to Irving Lozano, who is near the sideline on the right side of the penalty area. He tries to pierce against the goal, but his hit is blocked.

35 minutes: Mexico is attacking with Alexis Vega, who looks extremely lively, plays wide with the ball and is released to Gallardo. He continues his run to meet a return pass from the touchline, but Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is the first to reach the ball and smashes his bread into his basket.

33 minutes: The match remains highly contested as Mexico has squandered its only chance of real scoring ever. The Lewandowski is the most powerful weapon in the Polish arsenal, but he can do little or nothing if his teammates can’t step forward and bring him into the game.