Relive the glory days of one of the best platformers ever to hit the Super Nintendo as X goes from 2D straight into a blocky 3D adventure! This DLC isn’t just rich in reploids, it’s filled with iconic levels reminiscent of the original X-series game, featuring 14 familiar character skins and unforgettable songs from the game’s soundtrack!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Mega Man X game without some villains! Take on Vile in his good old riding armor, then take on the four classic individuals, Cold Penguin, Storm Eagle, Armadillo, and Stinging Chameleon.

After you manage to defeat each of them, you can face the biggest and baddest Reploid of all, waiting for you in his four-tiered fortress, Sigma. Can you beat them all in this new dimension as it goes from side scrolling to first person? No big deal, especially if you’re a veteran Mega Man Legends player!