Euronews talks to Kaouther Ben Hania whose Palme d’Or nominated film entitled “Four Daughters” has Cannes talking… and thinking.

At the Cannes Film Festival, the Tunisian film director Kaouther Ben Hania causes a storm. The Academy Award-nominated director is competing for this year’s Palme d’Or with his film “Fyra dötterr”.

Speaking to Euronews, she described how she felt she was rubbing shoulders with some of the industry’s biggest names.

“I was, not overjoyed, but overjoyed when I was announced as in the official competition, and when I found out the names of the other directors, Ken Loach, Wes Anderson, Wim Wenders… it’s just crazy what happens with me and I’m very happy to be here,” she explained.

Set in the context of the “Jasmine Revolution” that toppled Tunisian President Ben Ali in 2011, “Four Daughters” blends fiction and reality to tell the story of Olfa, a mother who saw two of her daughters join the Islamic State.

“I found it fascinating how the story of Olfa and her daughters, the small story is connected to the big story of Tunisia, how the (2011) revolution affected their lives – in fact, Olfa says that at one point -,” When it was the revolution I wanted to make my revolution too, divorce my husband, leave…”Freedom, that’s it.”

The film combines real-life testimonies and recreated scenes involving Olfa and her two younger daughters with professional actresses.

The result is the sensitive telling of a unique story made possible by an all-female film crew.

“When we started filming, or at least the preparations, I wanted to choose a very feminine team, and even the men who were on the set, I wanted them to be ‘female-friendly’ as they say, because I knew that I was going to bring everyone into an intimate confession, something very therapeutic, very introspective and very feminine about Olfa, her daughters, their stories, but also the actresses. It was very important to have a safe space where everyone was empathetic, not judgmental.”

21 films are competing for this year’s Palme d’Or – which will be awarded on Saturday 27 May.